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Challenges on Mega Account


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Is it possible to set a series of challenge caches under a Mega account for an upcoming Mega Even? I qualify for all of the challenges set, but obviously the Mega account does not.


I do not want to set them under my account and just have the Mega account name associated with them, I actually want to publish them under the Mega account.


Any advice appreciated.


Thanks, RubyShoos

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I have heard that (some...?) Reviewers will archive a Challenge if it is adopted to a non-qualifying owner account; knowing that, I can't imagine that they'd publish one under a non-qualifying owner account in the first place.

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4 hours ago, RubyShoos said:

Thanks for responses. I suspected as much, but it's not the answer I wanted...

It makes sense to me. More than most other types, Challenge Caches need an active CO who will verify Find logs (to make sure those who post Find logs actually qualify for the challenge). Using a separate event account (or any secondary account) for the email notifications and owner dashboard notifications would work against that.

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