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Adventure lab reviews


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Looking for information on how many reviews for a problem adventure lab before grouundspeak intervenes.


Yesterday a new geocacher with no finds completed one of my adventure labs with 5 stages. The geocacher now has 5 finds. He left a review so he completed the lab. Said it was done with his daughter. 


But he left two reviews with problems on one stage. First said coordinates are off, second said area not accessible. But he completed all five stages. First complaints with 78 reviews. 


Is there a way to clear these or just ignore? Will HQ do anything?

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1 hour ago, SW00P said:

First complaints with 78 reviews. 

But the feature is only like a week old (you called them reviews but I'm assuming you mean the report a problem feature).

You can still sometimes complete a problem adventure lab if the coordinates are off and if the area is inaccessible. 

Have you read the update to the release notes? HQ took off the warning about taking action. It doesn't mean they won't take action, but they took away that warning. 

But you do have valid questions!


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I have the same problems with some stages, that was reported. But there was and is any problem. Maybe there was a problem with server, or internet connection, I think. But not with the stage.

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