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  1. Hi I would be interested in adopting a virtual reward if any are available.
  2. How about a link to the old search on profile page. This search gave me all my unfound caches 50 miles from my home coordinates. Plus it didn't show my hides or my finds. This is the link I clicked on that said (filter out finds). This is my used function. New search is a waste of my time.
  3. Every one of these new features are terrible. Filter out finds under search for geocaches. Used to go 50 miles and filtered out my finds and hides. Now defaults to 10 miles and everything comes up. Why? Under user profile I want to see the geocaches I found from latest to my first. The new list is terrible.
  4. I attended the event this past Saturday. The CO did not mention at the event the caches were going to be pulled afterwards. Not sure why they were but I do have to say the event was nice and really supported by the local businesses. Plus it was a youth group that organizied. I loved it that you could walk from the event to all 12 caches. All the caches had clues for a final puzzle. The puzzle wasn't a cache just a chance for a prize. But the reviewer in my opinion must not have looked at a few of these caches. GC61NEN Norfolk Southern was hid under railroad track bridge that are active tracks. I thought they had to be 150 feet away. Any who children were up on the active tracks looking for this cache. I was shocked and worried. Just before I arrived at this hide a train went rambling down the tracks. So yes they are active. Check the cache page they even posted photos. The posted coords put the cache up on railroad property. The container was under the tracks off a walking path. Actually on the railroad bridge. in my opinion this should NOT have been published. But I am not a reviewer just a finder. Here is the kicker. This cache(GC61NEN) and GC61NK2 Service Bridge both are about 400 feet from a puzzle final. Thins same thing happened recently in Myrtle Beach a CO held a CITO at Myrtle Beach State Park. Caches published and they archived them all the next day. GC5NEZR is the CITO Event. Not sure a reviewer would of seen either one of these playing out this way.
  5. Today when I tried to check for new caches on my Nokia 5230 phone my app would give me an error message. I am using the Geocahing Navigator by Trimble. Ver 2.1.26. I have TMobile as my carrier. I have never got this error before. The request failed with HTTP staus 415: Cannot process the messaged because the content type 'application/soap+xml;charset=utf-8;action="http://tempuri.org/IAccountservicepublic/trimbleLogin"'was not the expected type'application/soap+msbin1' Anyone know how to fix this. I emailed Trimble and the engineers are working it.
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