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Android and PC: Photos in drafts do not get uploaded when using the website's drafts functionality

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  • App platform:Android
  • App version: 9.32.1
  • PC: Win10 + latest version of Firefox on multiple different devices
  • Specific steps to reproduce the bug:
  • When you create a draft in the app with a photo attached (e.g. to log a virtual cache with a photo requirement), it has not been possible to edit the log and post it as found using the drafts list the GC.com's  website since mid July.
  1. Log a new cache as draft, with a photo attached in the log.
  2. Wait for the draft in the app to synch in the website's Drafts- functionality under your profile
  3. Edit the draft on the GC com's website to contain the proper log, maybe add a description for the photo, etc.
  4. Post the log.
  • Result since mid July: The log remains in state "Posting" for all eternity. If you refresh the browser, you notice that the log has been posted with updated text and as "Found", but the photo and its description has been stripped off. You have to open the cache on your phone's browser, edit the log, and add the photo in the log and save your changes. Highly annoying.


There was an old, but more or less related report from putnub in May 2021

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iPhone with GC version 9.15.0

Windows 10, multiple PC’s, Google Chrome browser


I also am experiencing this problem, for me it began at the start of July. My steps are the same, log the draft in the field and add a photo. When back home on the website on a PC, open the drafts page and log the find. I typically add the description, at which point the photo is showing and in full colour.  I click submit and it remains stuck, and never finishes.  A log is added to the cache page with just the text, no picture. Everything from then on is out of sync.  The draft remains in drafts (usually) on the website.  The draft remains a draft on the phone app.  A smiley will appear on the website (once the draft is deleted if necessary).  The phone app will forever show the cache in draft, both in the drafts page and uses the draft symbol on the map.

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Have the same problem with my iPhone, drafting on the phone with the Geocaching app, appending a photo. When back at home want to write on the computer, see the draft and the photo, but posting “hangs”. When I use the Geocaching app on my iPad I see the photos, can write a text, can save the log (deselecting the ”draft” button) and then the photo is gone. Draft is still visible in draft state on my phone, logs are ok on the website (but no photos).


Highly annoying. Not sure if all my photos are now lost in the big black hole…



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