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[Solved] Hide count mismatch?

Etherlord Clan

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Thank you to Max and 99 for their fresh eyes :)




Hi team,
I am coming up to my 100th hide, and wanted to know my exact count to be able to plan it.

My public profile says I have 104 hides, however looking at my Owned Geocaches shown in the Dashboard, I only have 98.

This discrepency lines up with the 6 caches that I have adopted Lab caches I own.


I understand that I have only *placed* 98, but I still think these two numbers should match as I am also the owner of the other 6.


I have searched through the forums and can find a couple of threads about Find Count mismatches, but not for my issue of Hide Count mismatches.
Is anyone's search-fu better than mine that can find a similar thread?
And/or can anyone else who has adopted a cache confirm my observations against their numbers?


Thanks :)




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You have hidden 6 lab caches, which I don't get because your adventure lab only has five locations. I don't think this has anything at all to do with your adopted geocaches. I could be wrong!

*Your adventure lab has five stages but do you have an old style lab cache that would account for this one count difference?

Your cache owner dashboard does not take into account any adventure labs you have published. 



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