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Time to recognize Kosovo as a sovereign territory?


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I know that Geocaching is a recreational activity that involves using GPS coordinates to find hidden containers or "geocaches" in various locations around the world. While geocaching is typically not directly related to the recognition of sovereign countries, are there still reasons why Kosovo, as a territory, should not be recognized as a sovereign country?


There is still a persistent discrepancy between the map statistics showing Kosovo as a separate country (without the possibility to have a registered find there) and the fact that caches based on the territory of Kosovo do not have the option to select the country "Kosovo". Instead, some Kosovo ones are shown to be based in Serbia or Albania.


I have spoken to several people in Kosovo who know Geocaching and would like to play it, but the "unrecognized" nature of Kosovo discourages them from doing so.


In addition, as a geographer specializing in regional geography, I list below other reasons why Kosovo should be listed as a separate country:


  1. Historical and cultural identity: Kosovo has a distinct historical and cultural identity. It has been inhabited by the ethnic Albanian majority for centuries, with a rich heritage and traditions. Recognizing Kosovo as a sovereign country acknowledges and respects its unique cultural heritage.
  2. Political stability and self-governance: Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008 and has since established its own government and institutions. It has made significant progress in building a functioning democracy and ensuring political stability. Recognizing Kosovo's sovereignty would validate its efforts towards self-governance.
  3. International recognition: Kosovo has received recognition as an independent state by a significant number of countries, including the United States and a majority of European Union member states. Recognizing Kosovo's sovereignty in geocaching would align with the broader international recognition it has garnered.
  4. Economic development: Recognition as a sovereign country can have positive economic implications for Kosovo. It would enable the country to engage in international trade, attract foreign investment, and foster economic development. These factors can contribute to improving the standard of living for its citizens and overall regional stability.
  5. Human rights and democracy: Kosovo's path towards statehood has been accompanied by efforts to protect human rights and promote democratic values. Recognition as a sovereign country would reinforce these commitments and provide a platform for Kosovo to participate in international organizations that uphold human rights and democratic principles.


(It's important to note that the recognition of a country's sovereignty is a complex political issue, and different perspectives exist on the matter. The views expressed here are based on some of the arguments often put forward in support of recognizing Kosovo as a sovereign country.)


Anyway, if we have separately recognizable territories on Geocaching like Gibraltar, Jersey, Alands and many others, why shouldn't Kosovo with its almost 2 million inhabitants also have the status of a recognizable territory?

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A brief search on the forums would show that this is not the first time Kosovo has been discussed since its 2008 declaration of independence:




It's a complicated issue that goes a bit beyond a game about geolocation. Of 193 member states of the United Nations, only 105 have to date recognized Kosovo's independence. How it is treated.varies from country to country and even website to website.


When/if it becomes a separate country for geocaching purposes, don't fret, you'll get that extra number on Project-GC and a country souvenir.

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Of course, I've already searched this forum - but all threads on the Kosovo issue have ended up vague, unfinished.


The problem in this situation is that Geocaching is not united about the Kosovo approach - in the statistics (maps) it is listed as a separate country, but in the geocache location selection, the option to select Kosovo is not included.

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39 minutes ago, roraima said:

in the statistics (maps) it is listed as a separate country, but in the geocache location selection, the option to select Kosovo is not included.

Right, and the reason for that has been explained in at least one of those other threads. What was vague to you about the distinction between the map service provided by Google, and the UN's list of recognized countries, followed by Geocaching.com?

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