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How do I configure Garmin GPSMAP 66s for maximum accuracy?

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I intend to use my device to create a GPX file for geotagging my photos. How do I configure it for maximum accuracy? I'm assuming GPS+Galileo will yield the highest accuracy? Can I enable WWAS? I also intend to set the recording interval to one second.

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On my devices that only allow GPS + one additional GNSS constellation, I also select Galileo, which is much more accurate than GLONASS.


I also enable WAAS/EGNOS.


You would probably be better off with setting the track log to record Auto + More Often. This results in fewer spider webs at locations where you stop moving for any amount of time. 

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I set my 66i Tracklog recording to Auto/Most Often for geotagging photos. Make sure your camera time is accurately set so it coincides with the tracklog time stamps. Alternately, you can record a Waypoint at each photo location. I use a program called RoboGEO. The demo mode should allow georeferencing your photos. 

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