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Correct position format for UK

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Could someone please tell me the correct position on a Garmin 64sx. I find the last part of the co ordinates is now 4 digits and I am sure there only used to be 3 digits at the end. My GPS is set to hddd mm.mmmm, map datum is Ord Srvy GB and Map Spheroid is Airy. Thank you


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Mathematically, having a 0 at the end makes no difference.  12.345 = 12.3450.  You can leave off the zero unless the Garmin insists.


Note that any waypoints you manually keyed in before you switched to WGS84 will be incorrect (unless the earlier datum is effectively identical to WGS84, dunno); you'll need to re-enter them.  But waypoints that you recorded ("mark") or electronically transferred into your unit should be fine.


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