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BUG: Adventure Lab Description is not shown completely


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In the current Version of the Adventure Lab App 1.8.0 build 3697 the description is not complete.

In the former Version there was a Text like "Read more" on which can be clicked to read the full description.

Now this mentioned text is not shown any more and you have to click somewhere at the end to see the full description.


This is not very userfriendly.

Can you Insert the "read more" and "read less" text again?




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I just noticed this on Sunday, while looking at a new AL I had just created and was checking to see how it looked before I made it public.  I agree that this is bad, as on my labs, as well as all others I have found, there is usually a lot of good information in the description section.  That information is now unviewable from the app.

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