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Release Notes (Adventure Lab® app: Search and Test copy deletion improvement) - May 30, 2023

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Release Notes (Adventure Lab® app: Search and Test copy deletion improvement) - May 30, 2023

With today’s release, the Adventure Lab® team at Geocaching HQ has added two features to the app: Search and an improved experience for deleting an Adventure test copy from the app.

Search functionality is now available in the Adventure Lab® app for logged-in users to search based on city, state, country, region, address, postal code, or coordinates.  

We also made a small update on how test copies of Adventures can be deleted from the app. Now, to delete a test copy of an Adventure, a user will go to the Adventure Detail screen, select the ‘Delete test copy’ button, and confirm the deletion. Previously, a user had to swipe an Adventure preview card to the left from the Directory list of Adventures to delete it. We have updated this functionality for several reasons: the library we were using for this functionality is no longer supported by the third party who developed it, there was no visual indication that this feature existed in the app, and players were not provided with an opportunity to confirm they wanted to delete their test copy.

Some users may not see these updates immediately, but they should be available to all users within a week.

Stuart (syntaxerror) is watching this thread to answer questions whenever possible.

Any posts in this thread should relate to features in this release. Comments unrelated to the release may be removed. Please direct unrelated comments to other appropriate threads. Thanks!

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It's even worse: using by state doesn't return the state's AdventureLabs, it just focuses the 100-mile search to the middle of the state (city, country, etc. pp).

This "search" is only a very small help to find a center to search. I don't expect that when using a search tool.

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