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Unable to access Adv Lab stats in my profile


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When I go to my public profile to view my completed Adv. Labs, I get a 404 DNF error page(screenshot below).  It only appears when trying to view my Adv. Labs, no other caches types.  I'm using a Mac with Safari browser.  Anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 10.45.46 AM.png

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Thank you both for reporting this bug. Our engineers are aware and hope to push out a fix soon.


The issue appears to be URL-related. As a temporary workaround, if you click on the URL and change




then you will be directed to the correct page showing your completed Adventures.

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I thought I was the only one experiencing this glitch and have so for at least a week. If I go to the types of geocaches in my public profile in either a browser or on my Android and click on Lab Caches at the bottom I get redirected to something like https://labs.geocaching.com/Logs/Details/514beea1-c742-4ee5-bdc1-4933blahblahblah.

worrellsquirrel kinda beat me to a fix but if I shorten that URL to https://labs.geocaching.com/Logs/ I can see all my labs.

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