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Bhutan Earthcache


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I moved this thread from the "All Nations" forum.  Here in the Earthcaching forum, your question is more likely to receive attention from experienced Earthcache owners (including people who successfully set up EC's far from home), as well as from GeoAwares and forum moderators that have expertise in this area.  (I don't, but I'm good at moving threads!)

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41 minutes ago, Keystone said:

(I don't, but I'm good at moving threads!)


And you did a GREAT job at this one, @Keystone. Well done!


3 hours ago, JohnExplorer said:

I will be visiting Bhutan in August. It does not seem to have any Geocaches. Is it possible for my to place an Earthcache? The government may not want any regular Geocaches, or Earthcaches.


Permission may be an issue. I have no experience with Bhutan, though I long to visit.


The other issue is going to be language. The earthcache guidelines require that a cache be in the local language, and while English is spoken there, the official language, Dzongkha, might be difficult to work with.


Maybe ask the owner of this EC and see how they handled these issues?

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GeoawareUSA9 gave you great advice. 

The one thing I would add is to consider contacting a local cacher to act as your eyes, if needed. I have a couple of EarthCaches that are a long drive from me, nothing international. Very seldom does the actual EarthCache change significantly, but sometimes there are issues with access to the area--during major road construction, perhaps after a natural disaster, for instance. The local geocachers advise me if I need to put a temporary note on the cache page. It isn't required, but it gives me a little peace of mind. 

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