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Longest puzzle/challenge trails or series

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Retired Guy and Cute Lil Fuzzy Monkey have maintained a great series of around 210 different puzzle caches, each with a different challenge, on a trail south of Orlando, beginning with GC5FV6M.  They even keep up with the standings of the top 30 or so finders along the trail.  Is there any other series or trail of challenge catches like theirs, with that many caches to find?

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League of Idaho Cachers have a challenge series of 154 cache in the desert outside of Mountain Home. Love it. Completed 88 of them might need to make another trip to the area to complete. They also have several power trails through the desert back roads, which I'll maybe one or two but challenges I'm addicted to so will do them till I'm exhausted, some of these are png others you have to walk hundreds of feet. When the dog and  kids do not want to join you out of the car you know it's time to go. 


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