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Hello.  I have written to Geocaching HQ support for a query, but they reply that they currently do not provide technical support for Wherigo queries, and that I should ask in the forum.  I don't see it too right, but I'll try to see. 

On the Wherigo.com website I tried to update / modify my profile.  but even though I check the update box, my profile stays the same. 

In my case I would like to edit the .html description, and also remove the Home Page from my profile (which links to an old personal website).
When I go to edit my profile, I can't find the home page option anywhere.  

I would appreciate it if you could let me know how I can update my profile.  thanks

(translation with Google translate)



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thanks, I understand that the GC changes affect the Wherigo.com profile.  but I want to update the profile photo, and remove the link to a personal website that is no longer correct (see attached image), I don't see anywhere how to do it.  some idea?


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I also find it impossible to change the Home page link, whether on Wherigo or on Geocaching.


Since the homepage URL can be considered personal information, you should have a right to delete it.

I'd suggest you to contact Groundspeak again through the help form at https://www.geocaching.com/help/ then select 20. Privacy Rights under "How would you categorize this request?", and then Deletion Request.

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It looks like modifying one's homepage (website) was removed from the geocaching profile options, but the data still retained.  Both the Wherigo and Waymarking sites were not updated to remove a user's homepage URL.  The easiest thing for Groundspeak to do would be to wrap the HTML in a new span tag with the runat="server" and visible="false" attributes.  The server would then not send that section of the HTML to the client wile still allowing the code to run without a null reference exception.  Taking this action will NOT require a site code edit or recompile, which is a strong plus in Groundspeak's situation.


Oddly enough, the Waymarking website has functionality to allow you to change your user name.  I don't want to experiment with something like that.

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You're right.  I didn't check there because I remembered a time when they removed the user name changing functionality.  Since I had no need of it, I hadn't taken note when it was brought back.  (And someone like me changing their user name is going to be a big no-no.)


Personally, among the features that were removed over time, the one I'm sad the most about their removing it is the profile picture.  I used to change my profile picture every month to show I was still active.  Some months, I changed it weekly.  This forced me to come up with interesting places and poses near caches to take a picture.  After the feature was discontinued, I stopped taking posed photos of myself because I lacked the discipline to keep it going if I wasn't going to do anything with the photos.  Looking back, it was nice to look at the profile pictures I had taken, and a little sad to realize I don't have that many usable profile pictures taken after the feature was discontinued.  Anyway, that's a fun little tidbit of a tangent for you.

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I think that it will not be explained correctly, because the answer that they offer me does not give a solution to the problem:


"Hello jokergil-

Thank you for contacting Geocaching HQ.

You may be able to make this change by updating your profile through Geocaching.com.

At this time we are not able to provide technical support for Wherigo Caches. Please try posting your question in the Wherigo forums. Geocachers in these forums can usually provide you with the best support.

If you would like to see information about the January 2021 launch of the iPhone Wherigo app, please see this forum thread.""


I think I close the topic.

If they later maintain or update the Wherigo website, our personal information may be updated or not.

Thank you for all your answers!!!!

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Whoever replied might not have understood your question.  If you would, please reply to them and send them a link to this reply.  To get a link, click on the "..." in the top-right corner and choose "Share".  It will give you a link you can use.




@jokergil, I believe you are asking about changing your profile text, profile image, and homepage address on your Wherigo.com profile.  As mentioned in Groundspeak's reply, you should be able to edit your profile text on geocaching.com via this address: https://www.geocaching.com/account/settings/profile .


The other two items, your profile image and homepage address, are discontinued features.  These cannot be edited via geocaching.com.  Of the two, the more worrisome is the homepage link.  Since it cannot be edited anywhere and the feature is no longer supported, I strongly suggest Groundspeak remove this section from the Wherigo.com profile page.  The profile image could be removed as well, but it at least acts as a decoration.


I have a suggestion for Groundspeak: since you'd likely not prefer recompiling and deploying the site, there is a way you can update the site to remove this content without a recompile and deploy.  Here are directions:

  • From either the server or source control, retrieve the file /my/profile.aspx and open it in a text editor.
  • Search for the text "lblHomepage".  It will take you to an ASP.Net Label control.  You'll notice it's in an "li" element.  The element likely just looks like this: <li>
  • Change the element so it looks like this: <li runat="server" visible="false">
  • Do the same for the "li" element following this one.  Doing so will prevent the user's location section from being visually offset by two empty "li" elements, making it look odd to someone looking at the page.
  • If you would like to remove the profile photo, find "lnkPhoto" in the file.  This will take you to an ASP.Net HyperLink control.  Above it is this "div" element: <div class="detailsLeft">
  • Once more, update the element so it looks like this: <div runat="server" visible="false" class="detailsLeft">
  • This will leave you with an empty section on the left.
  • If you would like to make the profile information span the width of the container, follow these directions:
    • Search for the text "pnlProfile".  It will take you to an ASP.Net Panel control.  Remove the 750px width style.  It might look like this: Width="750"
    • Search for the text "contentLeft".  It will take you to a "div" element with that as its ID.  Change it to look like this: <div id="contentLeft" style="width: 100%">
    • Search for the text "detailsRight".  It will take you to a "div" element with this as its class.  Change it to look like this: <div class="detailsRight" style="margin-left: 0px;">
  • Save the profile.aspx file and deploy it to the test environment, if one still exists.  If one does not, you may deploy it directly into the production environment because I know what I'm doing.
  • You're welcome.  Grattitude could simply be expressed with words, if you found the above helpful.  If you're not advised to post a reply, then please remember this kindness and perform a kindness to someone else and suggest they pass it on.
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I assumed you were either using translation software or you weren't fully fluent.  I appreciate the effort you made.  I hope people can be just as patient with me when I try using translation software to communicate.


I will eventually go overseas somewhere.  I will be very uncomfortable being in a place where I won't be able to communicate.  But I did make a promise to myself to go overseas after finding 100K.  I need to follow through with it one day, once I find someone to come with me.  I think the first of the two trips will be to Japan to experience nature, onsens, an shrines--but not the big cities.  I don't care for cramped, crowded places.

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Not to be that guy again, but if @jokergil lives in the EU and Groundspeak does not want to remove personal information, they will be in breach of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, which nobody wants. So if you live in the EU, jokergil, I'd suggest writing to dpo@geocaching.com the following: "Please remove the homepage link from my Wherigo.com  profile". They have then 30 days to respond and keep you informed of how they will comply.


Of course it'd be much easier for everyone if they'd just follow  @Ranger Fox's tutorial above and be done with the issue forever :)

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I don't reside in the United States.

I have also written an email to the address you mentioned, let's see what they say. Thanks!

I don't want to upset or upset anyone from geocaching.

I honestly thought that the issue was easy and quick to solve... I see that it isn't

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We have now removed the home page link altogether from the profile page since it is no longer accessible. If you want to change your bio details you can do so by changing the Profile Details section here.



Make sure you enter your password at the top of the page when you are making the change or else it likely won't take. That's my guess about what was happening to you. 



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