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Pocket Queries not running

Isonzo Karst

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i asked for PQ, using both "set day of week" (server time Monday) and as a copy, run once and then delete (usually more or less instantaneous). they haven't run nearly an hour later.

On the 'run once" I get an email error code, on the PQ page, and indeed the email pull down is empty.

Created a similar bookmark list from search, download a GPX of it, and it's got raw html, the way the API changes had at first.

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Today is Sunday, so that probably explains why you are not seeing your PQs run (if you have them checked for Monday). As for the email issue, it turns out that your primary email had become unvalidated for some reason. I revalidated it and now the email address field is properly populating in the form.


I am not able to reproduce the issue of raw HTML in GPX downloaded from a list. I'm wondering if it could possibly be related to the email issue. Do you still see the problem now that that has been corrected?

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