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Did Geocaching end in South Africa in 2020 or is it recovering?


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Just curious, what metric are you using to gauge activity in South Africa? SA certainly has its problems but geocaching has most certainly not died and there are very active communities in the big cities. I recommend you also subscribe to the local Geocachers of South Africa (GoSA) newsletter which will keep you informed on the current happenings - see geocachingsa.com.

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Geocaching took a dip during covid, but after masks were no longer compulsory I think Geocaching started picking up in South Africa! :grin:

I see many new caches were published, not more than usual, but enough to confirm that many of us continued caching.

I almost stopped caching last year, but the Geocaching spirit refused to let me go. I soon started missing my caching friends and after one event

the bug bit me...or was it the travelbug? ;):antenna:

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