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Cachers in and around Ottawa?

Chaz Caching

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Hello All,


This is my first post to this group and actually have not yet started to search for any caches. Just curious how many people in the Ottawa area are actively hiding/searching caches?


I hope to buy a GPS unit soon but still am not sure what unit would be best to start. I will keep doing reaserch on the subject.


Merry X-mas to all.


Chaz Caching

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Chaz here is a pic showing caches in the area. As you can see there are numerous.




To see the details of each one, go to "hide and seek a cache" located here and do a search by your postal code or coordinates. This will give you a list of all the caches within a radius of your choice.

Welcome to geocaching, Olar


"Today really is Yesterday's Tomorrow"

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Originally posted by Chaz Caching:

I realize it sounds like I am asking about how many caches are out there. I am actually just curious how many other people are out there looking or hiding. I appreciate the response though!!!


Chaz Caching

Really the only way to get an idea of how many cachers are in the Ottawa area is to have a look through the cache listings and read the visit logs. Beside each name is their number of finds and if you click on the cachers name it will take you to the profile page from which you can get a list of their hides as well.

Eventually you will get an idea of how many are around and which ones are active, which ones are semi-retired, etc.

Merry Xmas, Olar


"Today really is Yesterday's Tomorrow"

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I saw this and couldn't resist it. You'll have a great time caching in the Ottawa area, But beware of the 3 wise men (Binthair,Cliffy & Zartimus) they will lead you on some strange and confusing journeys. I have to stop now I'm laughing too hard and have to go to the bathroom. LOL icon_biggrin.gificon_razz.gif


Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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Welcome Aboard Chaz Caching!


According to my address book, there are over 60 teams or individuals actively caching in the Ottawa area.


According to a survey that I did recently, about one third of cachers are using the Garmin Legend, but you would probably be happy with any GPSr (Magellan included) with the possible exception of the Garmin yellow Etrex. I personnaly get along just fine with a Garmin GPS-12 (no map), but it's a matter of personal preference.


Hope to see some cache logs from you real soon!




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Welcome Chaz Caching


......Ottawa is without a doubt a "hot-bed" for caching. Although I personally have been somewhat quiet as of late, I'm looking fwd to getting back into the swing of of it Mid Jan.

Looking fwd to seeing you out there,

Cheers, cliffy






"Whad'ya mean you didn't save the location of the truck?..EEEK!!!..."

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