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A Cache's 'Past' Trackables


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On a cache page, you can click a link to see all of the Trackables that have been associated with the cache.




In its current form, this is of limited value to me. 


I would like to suggest that that this resulting list somehow distinguish between TBs that have simply visited the cache and those that have actually taken up residence for a while, with a 'Drop' log.


I'm looking at these lists and see MASSIVE numbers of TBs in caches that haven't been around for long, and see that MANY of them are 'in the hands of' one or two cachers; most likely they 'visit' their collection and/or inventory to every cache they hit.


What I really want to see when I come here is a list of what's been in my cache.


It's the other side of the eternal argument about Visit logs being visible by default on a TB's page.


Maybe BOTH of these situations can be addressed with the same mechanism: a page-located switch that shows/hides Visits!


So, hmmm. Do I post this in the TB forum, or the Website forum?  Which will I pick.....


(Addn: While we're at it, a 'Drop Date' would be nice, too!  How 'bout "Check-In' AND 'Check-Out'!!!)


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17 hours ago, TeamRabbitRun said:

In its current form, this is of limited value to me. 

I absolutly agree to what you have written.


But looking to the development the trackable system has undergone in the last years (no so much actively by Groundspeak but simply by IMHO misuse of a significant number of users) I have no hope for any improvements. At least not in a direction I would like to see.......

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