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Why are AL's not visible on web map

Go catch

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Adventure Labs are only visible via an app and not on website which can make planning routes a lot harder. Why can they not at least be visible on the website so that users could plan their day from the comfort of a PC screen rather than a mobile device? I appreciate you can't access them from the comfort of your home but just seeing where they are would help decide where to go caching for a day.

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11 minutes ago, HHL said:

Create your own tour map:



I appreciate this is one option, in the same way I could just look at my phone and see where they are too, but to see them at a glance on the PC would be so much easier and less hassle. I should add that this is especially more so for those AL's with a bonus mystery connected to it as you can see the connection to it too. I may look at a map on my pc and see there might only be a couple of mystery caches in that area, but on closer inspection discover that those mysteries are the bonus's of AL's, which may make that location more worth while visiting.

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