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Adventure Lab - Visited and found lab location visible in Adventure lab app, but not on the counter on Geocaching.com and not on https://labs.geocaching.com/logs

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Few days ago we visited adventure lab https://adventurelab.page.link/j8M9

There were 5 locations, we all visited en answered correctly.


In the App we see that the 5 have been visited and that the Adventure lab is completed.



On the adventure lab website we only see 4 visited and completed locations.



Also the counter of our total found caches has 1 cache to few.

Any Idea what could went wrong and how this can be fixed?






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Hey Max


Thx for your reply.

As far as I know I've never deleted a visited Adventure Lab, but that doesn't mean it kan be done by accident 🙂

On the webpage I can't find any reference to deleted Adventure Labs.

This probably only shows up when you have deleted an Adventure lab I guess.

On the screenshots you see the bottom of the Adventure Lab with the missing log and on the other screenshot you see the bottom of that whole page, where you can see my first logged adventure lab (2020).







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9 minutes ago, Bergloper said:

This probably only shows up when you have deleted an Adventure lab I guess.

Yep. Sorry. That was all I could think of. 

My next try would be to log off the AL app and back on, and see if that changes anything on the list.

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No problem 🙂


I logged off and on, and on the AL app the situation remained the same.

I also tried to logg on, on the AL app on another device. On that device I see exactly the same as on my first device.

Conclusion: It's not aan caching issue on the first device, it's an issue on the web interface and general counter.

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I have the same issue with one adventure lab stop. I know when I input the correct answer the ad lab app wheel just stared at me while the circle spun in circle and never gave me the Correct Answer screen.  On the ad lab app it shows I've done all the stops but, when it comes to my account stats I am showing I'm one short of the actual number.


I've tried numerous things including logging in and out of the app (both ad lab and geo) but won't resolve.

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