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Newfoundland & Labrador


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The LAGC isn't all that active. I used to run the GAGA, but changed it to Gander Area Geocacher's Club, for which the new websiter will be up in a few minutes at http://gagc.homelinux.com


Feel free to e-mail me via this site, or the Gagc site at any time. I'm currently iin the planning stages for an event this summer. Looks good on paper, time may be an issue.



"Make it idiot proof, and someone will make a better idiot"

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Well, now that winter is over, the LAGC has been getting more active. We added a couple new members in recent months, and 2 new caches were placed this spring. The message board and Hall of Fame are fairly popular on our website. Many things are being planned. Everyone is welcome to join and become involved!



Lewisporte Area Geocaching Club






For Wheres In A Name I'm looking for 57 42.542' (57 42' 32.5")

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I wonder what is required to grow geocaching in Newfoundland and Labrador. It seems we have more caches than hunters ... and it seems that the caches in "urban" areas (if anything in our fine province is truly urban) get a great deal more traffic. Of the caches we've placed, those in convenient locales i.e. along the Trans Canada Corridor, get the most attention ... I wonder about how to get people involved ... I think this is a deeply personal sport, and I wonder how many people would come to a public event ... any thoughts?


We are in the process of finalizing our 30 caches and overhauling our website completely. Three of our caches need some small maintenance, then it's off to the races. We are also producing a low-end map and details of our 30 caches for display at tourist information centres. We are also hoping to undertake a bit of a PR campaign to launch them.

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Even though we live in such a beutiful province, it is so very difficult to get people to get outside an enjoy it. It seems as though most people would rather sit around the TV all the time and not bother, but they don't know what they are missing.


Geocaching is just something that makes it even more interesting. Why don't people get off tehir asses and get out there.

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hiya all -


we go caching every time we head back home, and have planted some on both coasts.


we're going to be on the west coast in july, and plan on planting a bunch, and enjoying those already there.


like all good things, this fun sport will take time to grow and evolve...but even in our short time caching we have seen things grow in NF. thanks to all who have have added this element to our visits home :-)





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It took a hell of an effort, but the Kittiwake 30 Coastal Caches are now completed to our satisfaction. Placing them involved some terrible winter weather, some semi-spelunking, over 100 kilometres of hiking and thousands of kilometres of driving, some big arguments, a cache lost to sea ice, scraped knees, 20 cigarette tubs, five sets of batteries, one broken strut, three ferry passes, 60 flybites, two archived caches and so on.


Some interesting facts about the Kittiwake 30 set of caches:


- they are spread across 1,300 kilometres of coastline


- 8 are located on islands


- 4 are accessible only be ferry


- 1 is accessible only by snowmobile


- the lowest is 10 feet above sea level


- the highest is 1,565 feet above sea level


- 3 caches have "Cove" in their name


- 3 caches have "Bay" in their name


- 24 of 30 caches are within stone's throw of the ocean


- on the Kittiwake Coast, there is 1.2 persons for every square mile


We hope these caches will bolster geocaching in the central area. Combining these 30 with excellent work by other caches and the Lewisporte Area Geocaching Association has really positioned central Newfoundland as a premiere geocaching destination. Our next task is to complete our web page revisions, map and cacher's guide, all of which we expect to be done by the end of July.


Many thanks for all your support throughout.

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I have a few caches in the Labrador West area plus one at Gull Island. Have one at the Gaff Topsails too. Plan on dropping one in Goose Bay soon. There are a couple of others in the Labrador West area as well. I am driving to the Soouth Coast of Labrador in Auggust, hope to be able to geocache when there. There is one placed near Orma Lake by an American group, think I am the only one to log it. It is at a confulence which I also logged. I would like to see more caches placed in Labrador but it is a vast area.


Gordon Parsons, Labrador

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Plan on dropping one in Goose Bay soon

Good noos gp...Th' Cap'n be saylin in on th' twenteenynth o' this month fer a 3 year stay in th' Goose. I'll shirly be glad fer a cache t' start out on right aways, then I'll be populatin' th' harea fer anywun to 'unt.


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

<Insert Black Eye Emoticon Here>Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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Hey Everyone -


We are in the process of planting 6 caches around the west coast, with differing degrees of difficulty.


Thus far, we have Cox's Cove Hike, Deer Lake Info-Stop, and Cow Head Ampitheatre planted and pending approval. We have spots in mind for the other three - which we will plant en route to St. Anthony.


Thanks to the geocachers who have planted caches nearby - we're slowly finding them and enjoying the trails and parks they are in or near.





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