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  1. Thanks so much - enjoyed a few of those last years, others will be done soon! Cheers, 5Newfs
  2. We're off to the rock from Ottawa, and wonder if anyone has suggestions for caches to help us break up the drive along the way! Thanks so much, 5Newfs
  3. hey folks! this one is a fairly easy drive by...if any puzzle solvers want to check their co-ords before heading out, just email us and we'll confirm. good luck to all in the race!!! 5newfs
  4. Wow - GAGE5! Quite the accomplishment! We have to send regrets - we're taking the 5th Newf back to NF to meet the rest of our families! We'll follow the event closely, though, and will plant one for the event. We've got a few ready to go..... All the best, and have heaps of fun! Cheers, The growing number of newfs....
  5. Hey Everyone - We are in the process of planting 6 caches around the west coast, with differing degrees of difficulty. Thus far, we have Cox's Cove Hike, Deer Lake Info-Stop, and Cow Head Ampitheatre planted and pending approval. We have spots in mind for the other three - which we will plant en route to St. Anthony. Thanks to the geocachers who have planted caches nearby - we're slowly finding them and enjoying the trails and parks they are in or near. Best, 4Newfs
  6. hiya all - we go caching every time we head back home, and have planted some on both coasts. we're going to be on the west coast in july, and plan on planting a bunch, and enjoying those already there. like all good things, this fun sport will take time to grow and evolve...but even in our short time caching we have seen things grow in NF. thanks to all who have have added this element to our visits home :-) best, 4Newfs
  7. looking forward to it! now...how will we contribute....
  8. One of the coolest caches we've seen - Leakim's mobile cache named "Bernie." He has been slowly moving across the nation for the past two years, and has finally reached the maritimes! Check the page for the co-ords and join in the adventure! Cheers, 4Newfs
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