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Maximale Länge eines Hints

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Kann mir jemand sagen, ob es eine Einschränkung bzgl. der Länge von Hints gibt? Ich wollte in meinem Listing eine Lösungshilfe eingeben, kann aber nur so ca. 250 Zeichen erfassen, danach kann ich keine Zeichen mehr eingeben. Ich habe m.E. schon Hints gesehen, die waren fast eine ganze Seite lang, wenn beispielsweise bei einem Multi mit 20 Stationen zu jeder Station ein Tipp erfasst ist. Ist das demzufolge was Neues oder kann man das irgendwo einstellen?

Vielen Dank für einen Hinweis

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Working with the CSP,  I find a  current limit of 237 characters and spaces.  See text below, pasted into the hints field. Cuts off the 9th 27 space repeat at "u".


 I agree that I've seen longer hints in the past.


I also agree with fizzymagic above, you should use either info in the waypoints field if applicable, or info in the body of the description, not long hints.


abcdefghijklmnopqqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqqrstuvwxyz   abcdefghijklmnopqqrstu 

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@Isonzo KarstThanks for your testing - it's the same result which I have had. And if you agree by seeing longer hints in the past, I think the rules have changed in the last time. OK, I do not find anything about this rule and do not understand, why.


@fizzymagicIf I want to give help for those people, who are not able to solve the mystery without any helps, I use the hint - and I think it is exactly for that. And if I want to do so, I don't do wrong anything. Cause you don't know for what I want to give help, maybe you don't know wheather this is wrong or right. But if the mystery a little bit dificulty, it is not done with a word or a sentence. So, if you want to give help without telling the solution, it would be very good, to have more than 250 Characters to do so. But nevertheless: thanks for your answer

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11 minutes ago, lakicacher said:

If I want to give help for those people, who are not able to solve the mystery without any helps, I use the hint - and I think it is exactly for that.


No, this is what the Help Centre says:


6.6. Geocache hints

You can include an optional hint in your cache page to provide additional information for geocachers who have trouble finding the cache at GZ.


It also says "Hints should be short so that geocachers can manually decode them while they are searching for a cache", also I believe some handheld GPSrs can only display a small amount of text in the hint although I don't know what that limit is.


There are other ways to provide hints for solving puzzles, such as with comments in the html source or white-on-white hidden text on the cache page. In one of my puzzles I've provided a big hint in an image EXIF field, with a hint-to-the-hint in the html source. A short puzzle hint in the Hint field doesn't hurt, but if more is needed maybe put that elsewhere and use the Hint to say where to look for it, for example, the Hint could say [Puzzle] Check html source.

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I have an archived multi-cache, 14 locations. The hints on that listing,  "GZ info", won't fit in the new hints format.   could put the info into a waypoint, hidden coords, public info. But then if it's encrypted, the decryption is manual, a pain, and if it's not encrypted, it may spoil for some who would rather hunt a while before decrypting.  (If I had to fit 14 hints into that box, I might be able to, but it sure impinges on longer staged hides).


I sometimes cache with 2 different players, both of whom hate to use hints.

Me, I've decrypted  on approach ;-)   


I suspect this relates to what some/most phone apps will handle.

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