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The Problems with the Forum


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Some time this morning all of the forums had a problem, the Canada Forum along with a few of the other forums are still affected. All of the threads are still here, just most of the topics have been sort of reversed. Up until earlier today, all of the recent posts are on page 16 and so on, therefore the oldest on page 1 except for todays new posts. Jeremy and Elias have been notified. The forum should be resorted soon, I have enjoyed reading some of the older topics



Geocaching.com Admin

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Hey Cache-Tech,


Are we still having some kind of weird server problems? Not sure if you are aware, but one of the strange things that happened is that yesterday, I received notification of a find on a cache I was watching, "Parker" The Traveler. The problem is that it was logged almost 3 weeks ago. Not sure if you can check this out or not.



Ian. icon_cool.gif


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I don't think this was a late log - It's on my watch list too and I haven't got any late notifications. BTW this travelling cache does seem to be having fun in Canada after being rescued from Michigan icon_wink.gif


"If you don't know where you are going, then it doesn't much matter where you are." - Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking Glass

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