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MS Streets and Trips 2003 WARNING

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I 've bought ST 2001, and then 2002 and been quite happy with them. I've been using them to import geocache info and therefore have a zoomable, clickable map that is way better then anything online (sorry Bux!). I WAS eagerly looking forward to 2003 because one of the features is the ability to set your own pushpin icons!


Unfortunatly, what I've been reading on Microsoft's own news server;


is quite negative.


The summary is that MS switched to a different set of map data, (some day different provider, some say same provider) and as a result a ton of data is MISSING!!! From what I've read, if your in Canada (like me) DO NOT buy this product! Lots of street names are missing and replaced with usless road numbers. For the US, apparently there are streets missing in this version that WERE in 2002 and some POI info such as postoffices isn't there either.


As for new features, there are only a couple of minor ones, clearing your find history and custom icons.


MS ST2002 is a nice product, especially for us up here in Canada.

Unfortunatly, Microsoft has RUINED it in version 2003. I will defer to the general opinion in the newsgroup there and NOT buy this upgrade.





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I would have to agree. I also use S&T 2002 to find my caches and I have also heard lots of negative reports about the 2003 version. I was only hoping for 2 improvements in the 2003 version and one of them I solved with the 2002 version (the brutal 15-second delay from the GPS), leaving me wishing for an option that kept the 'car' in the middle of the screen and moved the map around. If anyone has it, maybe they can shed some light on this?



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Excellent timing. You have saved me from a terrible mistake. Normally I tend to read online reviews and check out programs before buying, but for some reason I had assumed that with Streets and trips it would be the kind of package that would not change as far as the base datum is concerned, and only have upgraded features. I hadn't bothered to do anything in the way of research. I appreciate your tip, and 10 minutes of reading on various message boards has confirmed it.


"When I was a young man, I journeyed to the West to find myself......it turns out I had the wrong coordinates."

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