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  1. The 2004 version is coming out that fast?? Wow, typically the new version was showing up November-December. They must be acknowledging that the 2003 version was seriously flawed. I am a big user of the 2002 version. The 'flaw' that I find is that in my neck of the woods, with all the farming, S&T shows many roads that have not seen action as roads since the horse and buggy days. These roads usually run between farmers fields. Granted, evidence that a road was once there is present, but it doesn't belong on a map. I find that the railway lines are completely hit and miss. Bullzie
  2. So essentially you are looking for the 'walk-up and find' variety of caches? I like those too, but I also get more satisfaction out of a find if I had to exercise the ol' grey (black) matter to figure out the find. This is especially true when the pickings are slim because you can't just rip through all the available caches in 1 day. Bullzie
  3. Being a disappointed visitor to the Purple Woods Cache, I can confirm what dirtrunner is saying. I swung by to check it out last fall (with lottery ticket in hand) only to find no ticket, so after the inital temptation of scratching my own ticket, I left my ticket for the next visitor, took my picture (which turned out horribly...entirely the fault of the subject!). As a well intentioned cacher, it is always disappointing to run across the situation dirtrunner is describing. Bullzie
  4. If you mail me one of the 'scrotum' bags, I would be more than happy to attach it to one of the 2 travel bugs I have waiting to placed (I have had them for almost a year now). I just haven't gotten around to placing them. If you want I could provide you with my mailing address. I could place it in a cache in a Canada-USA border town if you would like and where I live and where my hometown is are both border towns. Or if you wanted to send me the whole thing, which ever is easier for you.
  5. Acutally, after reading some of the potential places and seeing 'crown land' listed...has anyone had any issues hiding caches there? There is a whole WHACK of crown land in the northern vicinity of my hometown of Sault Ste. Marie that would be prime for placing caches. I can say that I never even thought of putting one there until now. Now, here is where my plan may be full of holes...does the MNR manage the crown land in its province, or is it actually maintained by a federal agency? Or does the term 'crown land' not indicate that it is federally managed? I know the signs I have seen posted for it maintain that public use of the crown land is granted to any citizen or permanent resident of Canada otherwise a fee is due (but not sure to who). Glad to see that the thread has veered back on track. Bullzie
  6. I think I laughed for about 5 minutes when they told me about finding the cache before it was even posted. Mind you, I do the same, if I see a great hiding spot, I instinctively check it out 'just in case' but I think they are among the few to actually find a cache when they look. If I was the person who hid it, I would be quite bitter. Bullzie
  7. Wow, nothing like a thread getting the giant flush into the crapper. I have to say after reading the pro's and con's of getting invloved with the government and this whole issue, is that is it really going to make a difference? Maybe it is just because it is the 'easy' position to take, but the governement is eventually going to catch wind of it (or would have sooner than later on their own) and do whatever they want. If no one had said anything, maybe it would have been delayed, but it would eventually become and issue. Not being politically inclined, I do not really have faith in the concept of getting the government to change its mind on an issue once it has alreay been suggested. Will they eventually find a way to charge or tax us for placing a cache (a service charge for assessing the location sounds about right)...probably, but who knows when. Or what happens if they decide to privatize provincial parks at some point down the road (they seem to want to privatize everything else), then it will just be a hodge podge of standards. I may just be rambling, but I think it is time to come back to the topic at hand. Mind you, I find it curious that the cache that was used as a sample cache for the MNR gets removed after such a long gap. That falls into the 'not cool' category. If it was deemed unsuitable, it should have happened when they were taken to it originally and not so long after. What has it been now, at least 6-8 months ago that that occured. Just my fraction of a cent worth of thoughts... Bullzie
  8. Ok, I see how that works. Seems like that would be a bug that has yet to be resolved. But I agree, I didn't think there was anything wrong with the previous format. Thanks everyone! Bullzie
  9. Hey Jeff, you have at least 2 new caches to check out! Also, regarding the not recognizing any names, I can solve that problem a little bit... Now, you may have already figured those ones out, but in case you hadn't. The Two Navigators = 2/3 of 49th Field (my brothers) freewilly = 1/3 of 49th Field (my dad) Bullzie
  10. Not on the pages I am getting. They are a whole new layout. I know that is where it used to be located, but the page has changed format significantly.
  11. I would be willing to hide it somewhere in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. Bullzie
  12. Is anyone else out there mildly annoyed that the option to download waypoints is absent from the *new* 'Nearest Caches' page? Bullzie
  13. True, it isn't really a 'solution' more of a work around, but I agree, wouldn't that be a GREAT summer job? Get paid to go Geocaching...could life get any better? Bullzie
  14. Maybe I am missing something, but isn't a really simple solution making the cache a multi-cache? One where the starting point is nowhere near the final destination. That way, someone would have to complete the cache in the first place to determine that it is in their park. Rather than doing a 'search and destroy' search on the website to find all of the caches that are new in the park. Bullzie
  15. Down in my neck of the woods there seems to be an abundance of former railway lines (where the track has been removed). Now, my question is, does anyone know who owns (or would likely)that land? And if there is no 'No Trespassing' signs, then are they fair game for public use? Some of the ones I have found are fenced on either side (parallel the former track) by the adjacent property owners. Bullzie
  16. Seeing as this thread has taken a serious turn for the loonie bin, I figured that it would be useful if someone other than the topic starter posted a comment. So, C-A why don't you share those pictures with us. Or should we prep the padded room for occupancy? Bullzie
  17. For my mount, I just built it. It cost less than $50 and a a little elbow grease. I just made it out of MDF so that is sat in the right place and had a big enough footprint that it didn't tip, and them I put some of that rubber stuff you put in cupboards on the surface so that the laptop doesn't slide around on it. It was was more ambitious I would carpet it to match the carpet in the car. One of those fancy mounts would be great, but this allows me to take it out of the car whenever I want, or just toss it into the backseat if I need the extra space.
  18. I have a mount (more like a little desk) that I use in the car with my laptop and GPS. It sits right above the shifter (I drive a 95 Intrepid) and is right in perfect view of the driver and all the passengers. I have a complete map of North America with all the caches marked on it and when I go caching, I simply add all the caches I want to visit to the route, mark my place as the start and end and tell it to Optimize the stops and away I go. Once in the car, all I have to do is follow the hightlighted route, this way it elminates the frustration of driving aimlessly in strange cities. I always know exactly where I am. The whole thing is even better now that I figured out how to reduce the annoying 15 second delay to 1 second. No more missed turn offs now. I realize this setup is not for the 'purists' out there, but my blood pressure goes through the roof as soon as I realize that I am pretty much lost in a strange city. Bullzie
  19. So I would read from that that they are able to selectively control SA then? Such as leaving it off in North American but turning it on over Iraq?
  20. Ok, after a quick search I found that this is already a topic of conversation. Anyone have any bets to place an if this could become a problem? http://www.igeb.gov/sa.shtml Bullzie
  21. I was talking to my folks a few days ago and they heard on CBC that there is a risk of Selective Availability being turned on again due to the current war. This would making caching next to impossible as it was SA being turned off that prompted the whole concept of this game. I was wondering if anyone else had heard rumours of this. Bullzie
  22. In a shameless self-promotion of one of my caches, this one can be done fairly quickly just outside of St Catharines. A Penny For Your Thoughts It is also 'winter friendly'.
  23. Now, does anyone think that that policy is so strictly enforced so that you can't tell if the pilot is lost or not? LOL A few years ago I tried using my eTrex on a Dash-8 flight and I was unable to get anything. I was in a window seat with it pressed up against the window but I was also in the very back row, so I do not know if that would have made a difference or not. Has anyone had any issues on West-Jet yet?
  24. After trying to keep up with the previous thread discussing this which really only resulted in a considerable amount of 'noise' I am glad to see that something is being done and it seems like there is a willingness to compromise (or making it open to suggestions) on this rather than issuing a policy and making it final. It is great that they are taking the time to check out an actual cache to experience it for themselves. Hey if anything, maybe we have gained another cacher!
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