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Found an abandoned geocache. How can I put back in the original place?


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Hi there, 

I was in Karlsruhe, Germany, and some days ago I found this little 35mm film plastic container with a geocache in it. 

But there's no geocache in the place where I found it - it was just on the street, like someone dropped it. 

I can't find any clue about how to put it back in the original place. I found it near the ZKM in Karlsruhe, on Lorentzstrasse. 

Inside it there is a little paper booklet with a lot of signatures and dates. 

Any idea about what to do? 


I'm leaving Germany in two days so really IDK what to do... 


TY all



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Was there any hint of the Geocaching he name/number? No matter what you may find , it may be best to either hold on to it or discard it. The cache it belongs may show up logged as missing/NM/NA.  Probably a very long shot to get in back where it belongs without any idea of its make or number.

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1 hour ago, Asbesto said:

No name/number. Only signatures and dates. So IDK. Maybe I will go to a nearby geocache and put it there as a gift: a lost geocache inside a geocache! :)



If you can't hand it to someone in person, placing it into a quiet (less found) cache in the area may be an option.  Make a good online note.  It's a good idea to help solve the mystery, because a displaced container indicates a problem (for example, too many muggles now).


Signatures and dates can be enough to figure out which cache it is.


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Are the dates recent? If you can make out any of the signatures, you could always access those profiles and look at their found caches. If you're lucky, you will find one that only found one geocache on that day, and then you know it has to be the one. Then you could contact the owner. But since all of this will probably not happen until you leave the area, I'd go with the previous suggestion.

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