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Seeking M&M's

Team Tate

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Forgive me for intercepting this forum, but I am trying to contact the M&M's who have had a travel bug of ours for some time, but who are not replying to my e-mails.


There is probably an innocent reason for this but I would dearly like to know how our 'Jaffa Man' is doing in your fair land.


Link to Jaffa Man


If anyone is in contact with the M&M's, please could you ask them to give us an update.


Many thanks,


Bob (Team) Tate




Team Tate


Remember - if it's moving, it's not dead...

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It looks like the M&M team hasn't visited the website since placing their last cache (their 48th placement) back in late August.


The posting in this forum by mhfares mentions that they were recently quoted in a newspaper - maybe mhfares can help by contacting the reporter. Just a thought.


I had a little trouble reading the article that was linked to in the posting icon_wink.gif

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