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Singapore's a hard place to hide a cache


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Recently I hid a cache in a bush. Well granted it was off Orchard Rd and being near Oxley RD, is prob one of the best maintained park in Singapore. Even then, I was rather careful in hiding the cache and made sure to cover it up nice and snug with branches etc.


2 days later, it's gone. Most likely an over zealous park attendant. Ah well, I'm cracking my head over another good location. Maybe something that involves a long hike to nowhere .. icon_smile.gif I'll post it soon once I've found the right spot!


Jus wanted to let off some steam at losing a cache *sob* icon_razz.gif


- Lost?!?!! ... Who? .. ME?!?! -

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Well .. clank they do .. sometimes .. maybe more for the particularly defiant ones .. but I suppose most of us are more or less used to it icon_razz.gif


But seriously, most of what is heard is normally a little bit exaggerated. Still, I can't deny that Singapore has "better" enforcement than most countries. I'll leave it to you on how to interpret that icon_biggrin.gif


- Lost?!?!! ... Who? .. ME?!?! -

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When I was there, I found an area not too far from the financial section that I thought deserved a better look at becoming a cache site.


Near the railway station there is a hill about 250m away (I want to say north west but I got turned around). You don't have to climb over the hill to get to the other side, there is a trail on the east side that starts close to the railway station. The other side of the hill is apartment buildings and the top of the hill is like every other open place in Singapore, covered with plants.


I don't know if that's an appropriate spot but it sure looked nice from a caching point of view. The trail gets used often by walkers but I never saw anyone climbing up.

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Hi Team Dragon,


Yes, I think I know the place are you're referring to. If I'm not wrong, the govt has built quite a few public housing blocks not too far off.


It does indeed sound like a good spot for a cache icon_smile.gif I was however looking for a spot in town for the convenience of tourists/cachers who happen to be in the Orchard Rd area.


Hmm .. I'm thinking of placing one at Mt Faber. Have you been there before? There's already a cache not too far from there, so any cachers in the area may want to do both at once icon_biggrin.gif


- Lost?!?!! ... Who? .. ME?!?! -

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I was however looking for a spot in town for the convenience of tourists/cachers who happen to be in the Orchard Rd area


And this tourist certainly appreciates it. I went off into some of the side areas off of Orchard but don't recall seeing anywhere that a cache probably wouldn't be picked up pretty quickly.

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Singapore has a new one near the Malay railroad station and I have plans for two more. I found what I think will be a good location in the middle of Orchard and will probably try for one in the Botanical Garden to replace the one that used to be there. If they aren't there by June 7, they won't be since that's when I leave.

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