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I am trying to set a Wherigo with 6 zones. The player can enter any zone first, answer a question then receive a prize. When they leave that zone with the prize (each prize is different per zone)  then the other 5 become active and the process starts again. So far so good.



The steps I have are as follows


Go to start, be told about quest.

Leave start zone, 6 play zones then become active.

Enter any of those zones, the other zones become hidden

Answer question if right get prize

Repeat up to 10 times and if still wrong game resets

If answer correctly given prize and the zone becomes inactive, the other zones appear again.

enter one of the other visible 5 zones

Repeat as above.


The problem I have is then when the player leaves this second zone I only want the zones that have remaining prizes to become visible.


I've set a task 'get prize for zone 1' then done an expression for if this task is complete (in that I have moved the task with the player to the new zone). I then did an if  / else but its not working as it should for the other zones.


I really don't want to make the player go through the zones in an order I specify, what am I doing wrong?!!?!?!


Thanks in advance ..0



Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 14.56.02.png

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