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    Your solution should work, but you would have to do it for all zones (this would become a list of 35 lines of code). A quicker solution is to use function calls and the "Active" property of the tasks. You can find a demo cartridge here: http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=democartridges#zone_control
  2. You are at a junction of your Wherigo career. Asking questions and dealing with the answers is where Wherigo leaves the ...simple... world. I can imagine that you have already invested a lot of effort to get to your current position in the tutorial. If you want to continue to learn programming a cartridge, there is more hard work ahead. The reward will be that you can influence most aspects of your cartridges. It should be possible to skip a section of the tutorial and pick it up at "Decisions - Introduction" http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=create_your_first_cartridge#decisions_introduction but I have to point out that it will not be simple. If you have a good story and good questions to go with you can consider to switch over to a more user friendly pre-programmed cartridge generator called "Wherigo Kit" from Ranger Fox http://Wherigo.rangerfox.com/ The kit will create two types of cartridges. The exact cartridge that you are asking for and a cartridge type called "lights out". The fox claims that you can export them to Earwigo to tweak them. The kit will be the quickest way to success by far. Good luck with your cartridge. Geo
  3. Please tell us the builder that you are using. Groundspeak? Urwigo? Earwigo? Kit? To get started have a look at timer description: http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=timers timer demo cartridge (Earwigo only): http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=democartridges the timers are in the Multiple Choice Demo Cartridge HTH a bit
  4. You can find an explanation how to do this in the Earwigo tutorial http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=create_your_first_cartridge#the_completion_code
  5. Not sure how the situation is in the US but here in Germany a basic beginner cartridge would help a lot. If you want to do this mark the cache clearly as a beginner introduction cache/WIG (experienced cachers might feel offended otherwise). You found a cache. You are now allowed to ... - Remove max. one item - Exchange items - Look at the items - Take the pencil/pen Select the rule for trading items from a cache? - There is no rule - You have to put something back in - Swap items and put larger valued items back in the cache You want to take a coin from the cache. What might cause a problem? - Coins are not allowed in caches - Nothing special with coins - It might be a Geocoin that is no trade item - I have to leave it in the cache if I don't know about Geocoins You plan to place your first cache. How far does it have to be from another physical cache location? - 50m (150 ft) - 161m (500 Ft) - 500m (1500 ft) What should you consider before placing a cache: - The distance to neighbor caches - Am I showing a nice location to the community - Is it interesting/funny to read my cache description - Can I create/use a special container Are you allowed to dig a hole for your cache? Which cache type is TYPICALLY the hardest to hide well - Nano - Micro - Regular Can you hide a cache close to railroad tracks?
  6. Welcome to Earwigo. I assume you are talking about the two standard Buttons of a Message. Now you have to make a decision in the program code AKA If_Else_Endif. Knowing If_Else_Endif structures will help you to create awesome cartridges . Here is a link to the decision section of the tutorial http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=create_your_first_cartridge#decisions_introduction This is how to handle your specific case: Prepare the usage of an If_Else_Endif decision structure. In order to do so in Earwigo you have to define an Expression that describes what you want to test for. In your case you can test for Button1Pressed. Create the expression ButtonOnePressed (or any other name that helps you to remember what you are testing for. Use the Properties/Conditions Section of the Expression to create the following test "Button was clicked Button 1" Now go to the Message that has the two buttons. Switch to the Messages/Events SubTab Here you will find the Event "When a button is pressed" Create the If_Then_Else logic for the button Event. It will look like this if ButtonOnePressed Your action number 1 Else your action number 2 EndIf
  7. http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=timers this link to timer functionality in the Earwigo wiki might help to get you started with timers. The naming of the events and timers is somewhat confusing. Have a look ;-)
  8. If it is real junk, deletion is the way to go. In general bfore you delete a cartridge, consider to backup all old finished cartridges (ManageCartridges/Backup) to your home computer to free up space. Once they are stored on your home PC delete them on Earwigo.
  9. The wiki that Ranger Fox is reviving will be the reference of choice for lua programers. I am looking forward to have this lost reference available again. We have a project on the Earwigo Wiki that describes the individual tabs of Earwigo. They should correspond with Wherigo objects. Have a look at the page to see if that helps you to get stated. http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=edit_cartridges (WARNING work in progress, some links are only stubs, any help is welcome )
  10. You have an impressive memory. That post is 6 years old Not an automated helper but another source that might help is this list of the Garmin specific hiccups. http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=tips_and_tricks#how_to_make_sure_your_cartridge_works_for_all_players
  11. Earwigo will allow multiple users to work on one cartridge together. This works well for a programming - arts/text kind of work share. If the separate sections are whole cartridge sections produce two cartridges and (if required) hand over interfacing information via user input: Example CartA: Write down the password A3K2R1 to start the next part of this adventure CartB: Please type in your password. A3K2R1 can be parsed by CartB to be: user has 3 apples, key number 2 and the rope.
  12. I like the idea but there is no way to persuade the emulators to reproduce the more or less erratic behavior of the Garmin devices. Are you aware that here is a new web based emulator http://www.webwigo.net/ It is still under development but quite stable and useful as a quick tool. Sound is not yet working but I use this tool quite often. It offers a console tab that gives you a closer look at the actions that happen in your cartridge. Looking at the console printout might give you an idea what to look for. One thing causes me a lot of pain with the Garmin Colorado. It allows the user to terminate an input (the user can press some kind of an "ESC button" that Garmin has introduced). This termination does not clear the Lua input stack and will cause problems directly or further down the road. The second problem of this "feature" is that once the user returns to the old Wherigo screen the input will be gone. Leaving the program in a state where it expects the answer to an input without any input possibility for the user. It might also help to pester your Garmin users for a better crash report while you are waiting for the forum Garmin tester. What happened when. Did the cartridge really crash or was it unresponsive. Which buttons were pressed, which screens did appear ... If we get a better idea what happens before the crash someone that watches this thread might get an idea where to look. Last idea: while reading your original post I see that the zones are only a few meters apart. If the zones are to close to each other (zone borders closer than 20m) GPS jitter might add to your trouble.
  13. I fear that is a true statement. A dedicated outdoor device has its benefits when the terrain gets rougher and the weather turns bad on you. The Wherigo problem with the Garmin devices is that the software implementation is incomplete. The smartphones have a better implementation because most of the software that was done for them or is still done is/was programmed by enthusiasts. The Earwigo builder has a plausibility check integrated that will help you over most Garmin bumps during the cartridge design. I have written a wiki section that deals with Garmin compatibility issues for Earwigo. Check it out, it lists several Garmin crash traps. http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=tips_and_tricks#how_to_make_sure_your_cartridge_works_for_all_players
  14. I have never seen that but you are right. As far as I can see (tested it with Earwigo and the Groundspeak Emulator) it does nothing. I can also see no application for this feature. Any Object that accepts media is already fitted with a text field. I would not use this functionality. I do normally open a larger zone (10m x 10m ; 30' by 30') to guide the player to the final. I also give the player a treasure map or a story related item that has the detailed coordinates in the description (as you suggest). If you are concerned about someone hacking your cartridge I love to geocrypt my final coordinates. Use a permanent, real feature close to the final location and derive a number from it. Use this number to encrypt the final coordinates. Example a=number of concrete blocks under bench final coordinates: 42° 26.(a+3)(a-2)(a+1) 8° 22.(a)(a-1)(a-1)
  15. Groundspeak has discontinued the support for its own Wherigo builder long ago (look at the version and dates). The community is currently keeping Wherigo alive. There are several fixes that the community came up with to push the Groundspeak builder into the future. Search BuildingWherigoCartridges for "Google map api" and you should find the fixes. I suggest that you use one of the community built builders. A list of all options can be found here http://wherigofoundation.com/builders/ I am using this builder: http://www.earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=getting_started&DokuWiki=e684f6cfd36cf9b702698047cc402cc0 HTH Geo
  16. I tried the links and can confirm your trouble. The forum software eats files at unpredictable intervals. They might reappear, they might not. Go to our Earwigo Wiki (one of the two alternative, community built builders), it has links that will help you out http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=tips_and_tricks#testing_your_cartridge'>http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=tips_and_tricks#testing_your_cartridge (your files are mentioned under the Warning Headline). If you consider to use one of the community built builders (which in my opinion you should) check these out: http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki http://www.urwigo.cz/instalace (this is the only link I could find under some time pressure, there might be better links that have more English instructions). HTH Geo
  17. The OnProximity trick works because you are using two uncontrollable effects to your advantage. the human player is at a full stride because the indicated distance to the zone is still 30 feet or more (your milage may vary) there is a slight lag between the human players position and the Wherigo player reaction. The lag time helps your user to walk (at full steam ahead) inside the proximity zone. He will therefore (hopefully) be well inside the OnProximity area when the OnProximity event fires (slightly belated). You have to adjust the visibility distance for items (visible OnProximity vs visible OnEnter). This should make interaction possible again. P.S. If you want to have a more detailed look at this can of worms (AKA coordinate jitter) check this out: http://goo.gl/hv1lfW
  18. The link to the tutorial/handbook that Charlenni provided does not work for me. Try this http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=create_your_first_cartridge&DokuWiki=b0c3cc2b5dc707b7dc17f51d07d18bc3#zone_events if you have the same problem. GM
  19. This topic discusses your problems: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=328667&view=findpost&p=5458566 This might also help: http://www.earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=create_your_first_cartridge#the_completion_code Have fun
  20. Lightning20, sorry that I have missed your post. I hardly ever read this Earwigo News thread because I normally know what is going on with Earwigo. If you want quicker help please post your problem as an individual thread (button "Start New Topic" top right corner) and start the topic with Earwigo (example: Earwigo: How do I pick up objects, how do I use objects). Your question is almost one month old. Do you still need help on this or were you able to get the information from the tutorial http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/ ? You can find help how to create items: http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=create_your_first_cartridge&DokuWiki=a0e19c8a2079c870f4361dd37060bcd1#creating_items and Creating Item/Commands: http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=create_your_first_cartridge&DokuWiki=a0e19c8a2079c870f4361dd37060bcd1#creating_item_commands plus Item Events: http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=create_your_first_cartridge&DokuWiki=a0e19c8a2079c870f4361dd37060bcd1#item_events should help you with your pick up and also with your scan idea. Let me know if you need more help (prefereably by starting a new "Earwigo: How do I ..." topic) Wish you a splendid new year 2015 , GeoMagician
  21. The fox is totally right. Additional help is provided here http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=getting_started&DokuWiki=d3b86099cd59484cf5fd0291437e932d The link will point you to the Earwigo Wiki to help you get started.
  22. Hi CWillyPngn, this looks like the old "entering a zone" problem that geocachers will have with Wherigos. A description of the issue can be found here http://goo.gl/hv1lfW You don't have to read the whole document, the beginning should be enough to give you an idea what I think. I think the reason that this "problem" occurs sporadically is not by phone type but by geocacher type. I would love to have a look at the cartridge with Earwigo. Can you send me the current cartXXXXXXX.txt backup of your cartridge? geomagician has a mailbox at gmx.de
  23. I am not a great fan of statistics but I do understand that it is part of the fascination for others (and it might have been for me when I started the hobby []. Having said this, I like the idea to be able to share cartridges and I see the benefit for offering awards for forked cartridges. The forking concept wold make it easier for a larger community to create cartridges and the statistical benefit might encourage owners to make their cartridges available. (Quick side note: I have helped with some cartridges in the past and the credit awarded by the owners was always more than adequate. My experience with fellow cartridge owners is great!) You ask whether this should be an achievement or a statistical point (+x ownership points). I would like to see this as part of the ownership count. My first reaction was to leave it to the owner of the secondary (forked) cartridge to decide how much credit he wants to award to the originator of the cartridge (10%, ... 100% - 0.1, ... 1 point). This would solve all the mathematical problems. The backside is that this human oriented concept might work in the wrong direction. It is unfortunately possible that the the originator and the borrower disagree over the percentage. This would cause a dispute and might lead to a really bad experience. I do therefore agree that a simple mathematical formula should be used. 1 point per own cartridge for all contributors to the cartridge, half a point for any child (or child's child) of the cartridge to all contributors. In case of your "Whack-A-Lackey" cartridge you would receive 1 ownership point plus 0.5 points per it's forked (or forked forked ...) appearance world wide. The remaining question is how to handle secondary cartridge owners. My proposal is to award one ownership point for publishing the forked cartridge but no ability to receive forked points. The secondary cartridge owners can contact the original owner of the cartridge to convince him that they have changed the cartridge significantly. If the original owner agrees, the forked cartridge will be treated as a new cartridge following the forking point distribution scheme as proposed above. Weak point: The necessary agreement from the original owner. How can we make it easy for the original owner to agree that the cartridge forked from his original is now modified enough to count as a new cartridge. In other words: how much do you have to modify "Whack-A-Lackey" to be able to claim ownership of the modified cartridge. - translate - translate + pictures/media - translate + media + own events If we take this approach we should provide help for the original owner. Something along the lines of: You are asked to confirm that a cartridge forked from your original cartridge "xxxxx" is modified so much that it should be considered a new, unforked cartridge. Please look at the new cartridge "yyyyy" and agree to the proposal if - you think this claim is valid - or minimum two of the following criteria are met: completely translated significant amount of new media (> 50%) significant (more than 3) additional actions significant change in the storyline
  24. There is an easy way to do what you need. It is no big secret but I am a bit reluctant to post it to the forum. Check your mail. Should other programmers stumble across this problem, send me a PM.
  25. That makes a lot of sense. I fear I am wrong . I still remember that a few cachers knew about the cartridge without me advertising the link. Might have been my mistake during the publish.
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