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Cache search seems broken


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Cache search seems broken.


For several weeks now, if I go to the website search page and enter a GC number, the first time I did it it returned me to the empty search page . On entering it a second time, I got a list of nearby caches that I could then filter. Unpleasant but tolerable. Then it wouldn't "map those caches", to get a map, I had to export the list to a bookmark list and then map the list!.


Today it has different behaviour, and a very different appearance. I type in a GC number and it gives me a list of over 3 million caches, starting with ones in Germany. This is despite the GC cache typed in being in Slough with a 16km radius.


What is going on?

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1 hour ago, ===sgb said:

Is Groundspeak aware?

In the Release thread previously linked, yes, the project manager has spoken to a number of bugs in this release, including the GC Code bug.


In the meantime, use the coordinates of the cache in Search. This will work.  And for many functions, a Pocket Query will work as well. It will accept GC code. Has some parameters that Search  lacks, lacks some parameters that Search has.

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