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Can I have a link in a list description?

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I used to have a working bit of HTML in one of my list descriptions, that would take me to the church micro stats page. 

However, now this just shows up as plain text and the link no longer works. (It's been like it for a long while BTW).

Is this something that has been disabled, by Groundspeak, or is there a different way of adding links now?

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If I wanted a link in a list description, i'd just copy the URL. 

Say I wanted to link to a place to look up hunt dates. For me that would be




it doesn't work as a link, but it's easy enough to copy/paste

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16 hours ago, Arch__Stanton said:

Thank you for your response, but my question was: Can I put an HTML link into a list description?


I want to help you but I don't know what you mean by a list description.


You can add HTML and links to cache page descriptions.  If you use the cache page's WYSIWYG editor there's a link button you can click on to add display text / link information, or if you use the cache page's HTML editor you can use standard HTML link tags like <a href="">Your text here</a>

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It's pretty easy:

1. Open the Bookmark list.

2. Tripple click the text based link.

3. Right-click the selected link and choose: "Open Link" (wording may vary between  browsers).





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Ok, thanks guys.

As I said, you used to be able to place a link in the description section of a list created from your dashboard,  using HTML. For example;

<a href="http://www.15ddv.me.uk/geo/cm/cm.html">CM Stats page</a>

This would provide a link to simply click on. Now it appears this facility has been removed by Groundspeak during one of their updates.

I guess it's no longer possible.

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