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Partial track closure - what should I do?

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One of my ALs is intended as a 5km loop walk however this has now been broken by the temporary closure of one of the tracks until mid July:




While all the locations are still accessible, the closure prevents direct access from location 3 to 4 and from 4 to 5, meaning it will really need to be split into three separate hikes. The limited text fields in the descriptions and journals makes this difficult to explain without deleting a whole lot of other stuff I had in there.


So I'm wondering whether I should try to do a rewrite of this as three separate walks or just disable it until the works are complete and the track reopens.

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Never mind, with a lot of swapping out of text I managed to bodgy up the AL and journals to make it still doable during the closure. It's probably moot anyway as that AL has only had two completions this year, both in January, so no-one's likely to go near it during the closure anyway.


There doesn't seem to be a reasonable equivalent of a TD with an AL as setting it to OFF removes it completely from view so no-one can see what the situation is, and you can't just temporarily remove a location.

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Sometimes being a responsible owner can be a right pain. The track reconstruction was due to end last Friday and, right on cue, the closure alert on the park's website was removed, so I changed all the wording in the AL descriptions and journals back the way I originally had it. However I went out there this morning to make sure all my locations were still okay only to find the closure signage and orange ribbon barricade still in place at Gerrin Point. I rang the regional parks office asking if the track was still closed and they said no, it's open now, but when I told them about the signage and barricade they said they didn't know and there might still be construction going on so don't use the track until the signage is removed and, with the current COVID situation, that might not happen any time in the foreseeable future.


So I've now put an alert panel to that effect in the bonus cache's description and switched off the AL. Honestly, I now wish I'd never created it.

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