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Unable to Create a New Event

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I cannot create a new event. I successfully reach the D/T screen, make my selections and press "Save and Preview". It appears to try to save and then redisplays the D/T screen without any error message. I have tried three different browsers over two days. I tried both a 1.0 terrain with the handicap attribute and 1.5 without it.

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Working on a computer,  Windows Pro   Firefox, all scripts off  -

Confirmed  - I just did exactly as you. Ie, looks okay right up to Save and Preview - then it circles back to the size and ratings screen



Playing with this some, I see that if I back up to 3. Description screen, the title, placed by,   date and time remain, but all text is lost.  It's possible to submit a cache with no text, of course, but odd that it's lost.


Playing with this some from my admin account, I see no events with recent GC Codes anywhere in the world on queue.   Europe is back into lockdown, but I'd expect to a few from the US, at least.

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Yep, let me add my name to the would-be event hosts. The process reaches Step 4, size and ratings, and then clicking Save and Preview does not advance the process--it circles back to Size and Ratings (just like Isonzo Karst said--thank you!).


Please have a look. Thanks!


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Same problem here. Have been trying for over twenty-four hours and have the exact same issue. I get to the D/T screen and then with or without the terrain rating of 1 it cycles me in an endless loop. I updated my computer, tried someone else's and even attempted with my phones browser and still get sent to the endless loop.


Sorry it's happening to you but glad that it's not just me.

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