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Geocache app and website maps dont match

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Has anyone else noticed this?   I'm currently using a basic membership and looked up some cache sites online.  they show online as non premium but when I go to the locations and try to use the Geocache phone app they say I need to upgrade to a premium membership due to it being a 2.0 or above.   Why doesnt the phone app match the online version of what I can see with a basic membership?


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The "advanced" caches (those with D/T of 2.0 or above) are blocked on the official app, but are visible on the website. This is different than "premium member only" caches, which you aren't able to view on either map.


You are 100% welcome to find and log those "advanced" caches! You just can't use the official app to do so.


The PMO caches (those you can't see on the website either) you can also log, if you ever find them, by a back door method. But that's a subject for another thread at some point. ;)

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