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How to preview a proposed cache series....

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Greetings Everyone,

I want to create a cache series that is between two existing series. As it will be stretched out I'd like a idea of how to number and organize the descriptions. Is there a procedure, an app, or website that allows me to input the coordinates to see what the series will look like? The only apps I've seen to input coordinates and map them are either a subscription to a mapping site (like google maps) or to create the cache on geocaching.com.



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Garmin Basecamp would let you import the surrounding caches from a gpx file and then add your own waypoints that you can name and add a description to. I feel like that'd be fairly simple and easy to use method, at least to get to that point.


Or you could write your proposed caches directly into gpx and then import that into any geocaching/mapping app that can read geocache gpx files. Something like GSAK might be helpful for this if you want a graphical UI and to add more data than just a name and coordinates.



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Here ya go:


Create a CSV file (Comma-Separated Values) with two columns: Latitude and Longitude.  Not sure about the Lat & Lon formatting, but this is going into Google so it'll probably take anything reasonable.


To make a CSV file, enter all your Lat/Lon values into a two-column spreadsheet with the column titles "Latitude" and "Longitude" on the first row.


"SAVE AS..." a file with the filetype of CSV. (Change the "File Type" when you save, don't simply save it with the '.CSV' extension.)




  • Open Google Map's' "MyMaps" facility.
  • Create a new map.
  • Right-click on it, add a layer, import your CSV file.

You'll see your list of waypoints laid out on the map. There's more you can do with this, adding more data such as titles, etc., but this'll get you started.


There are also documented ways to import .GPX files into custom layers on GoogleEarth. Too much work for me.


Come back here and let us know how it goes!

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