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Alt Text for Cache Page Photos

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I applaud HQ's accessibility efforts with their recent suggestion for alt text for photos that matter - vs. "decorative" ones - on the cache page.  (I did wonder how the COs with lots of puzzles dependent on images would react, but that's not my situation at all.)  I really want to get this right, but how does one test whether it is without a screen reader?


For example, on the [currently disabled] cache GC75MXW , I edited the photo to add a description, and it does show the description ... but that's only if you go to the gallery... and I don't know if the screen reader would read that description.


I did edit the HTML to include a short description ... though it is a very detailed photo, so I'm not sure how helpful it's going to be.  I work in Mozilla, and when I inspected the photo it did show the alt text; however there was a warning for accessibility.


Clickable elements must be focusable and should have interactive semantics

If an element can be clicked with a pointing device, such as a mouse, then it should also be focusable using the keyboard, and the user should be able to do something by interacting with it.

An element is clickable if it has an onclick event handler defined. You can make it focusable by adding a tabindex=0 attribute value to it. You can make it operable with the keyboard by defining an onkeydown event handler; in most cases, the action taken by event handler should be the same for both types of events.

Ummm yeah.  Greek to me.


Really, I wouldn't worry too much about that, except that the photo contains a clue to a hint (and it's JUST a hint) and it would seem unfair for somebody not to be able to get that info.


Suggestions on how to overcome this obstacle ... or even if it is one?


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