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I think I am doing it right!


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I am working on an AL, I have info for five places and coordinates, along with question and answers. Through conversing with a few other cachers it seems one is seeking permission for me to place an AL with ten places.May need to converse with one it two of them. 


I have five additional coordinates for the ten spot AL,  just need to get info and Q and A for them.


What is vexing me is signing onto the AL start page, using the link on the help page. I tried this morning and it  would not accept my password. Then my iPhone app went off and I had to sign in again, and it would not accept my regular password so I had to change it. I can get into Geocaching.com on the home computer and the iPhone app.; still cannot get into the AL start page on the home computer.


In case you wonder, I am premium member and have found at least two AL; I did submit the info to geocaching.com and received a message stating I was authorized ( or whatever terminology was used) to place an Al.


Not totally worried yet since I need some footwork done before it is ready , that is with ten if okayed. I think I am ready for the five place AL. Just need to sign in somehow! Anyone else having problems.

signing in?

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I saw a message from a cacher who is interested in having ALs spanning the length of the Lincoln Highway ( Rt 30) in Pennsylvania, part of the idea to go the entire length in the US.


He referred me to another cacher in my area who already has one AL on the highway and is working on a second, his wife is also working on a section. I did contact him with info briefly where I was working on an AL. He said that the first cacher was trying to get permission for me to place a ten spot Al, and to hold off with the five place AL for now until receiving word about the ten place one. Not my doing.



I guess if I cannot get signed in it all academic anyway.

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