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How to edit info on my hide

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4 minutes ago, mojayc said:

How do I update cache information on my hide. Someone stole the cache and I need to update information. Thanks


First, did you replace the container ?  If not, temp-disable the cache until you do, leaving a note why.  :).

 - That's found in Log Geocache on the cache's page.  If you're simply going to replace it, that's the way I'd go.

But edit is to the right of the cache page, under Edit Tools if you feel it needs to be in the description for some reason....

Much info can be gleaned in the Help Center under 7.12  "My geocache was muggled".  

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1.  You should temporarily disable your cache page so that people won't go looking for it until the cache is fixed up.  Use the "Disable Listing" log type.  After repairs, use an "Enable Listing" log to restore your cache to the active list.

2.  Edit the details of your cache page by selecting "Edit" from the Admin tools menu towards the top right of your cache page.

3.  To update the coordinates for your cache, if you need to move it, use the "Update Coordinates" log type.  This will work for moves up to 528 feet.


Help Center article

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