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In eigener Statistik finden


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5 hours ago, EbBi63 said:

Wie finde ich in meiner eigenen Statistik nachträglich den Cache mit der "Schwierigkeit 4,5" oder "Gelände 5". 1000 Caches möchte ich nicht durchklicken.


You can sort the caches by difficulty - that's an alternative to Hans' suggestion.


Go to your public profile and see the list of found geocaches. If you click on the difficulty rating (just the "D" of "D/T") the list will be sorted by difficulty. It will start with all D5/T5, than D5/T4.5, than D5/T4, .... D5/T1, D4.5/T5 and so on. (If you click a second time it sorts the other way round.)

You can search for terrain rated caches similarly by clicking on the T button.


By the way if you do not want to use the English language, there is a German speaking part of these forums, too: https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/forum/148-german-speaking-forum-deutschsprachiges-forum/&_fromLogin=1


See you there! Wishes from Karlsruhe


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1 hour ago, HHL said:

Not at all, as my suggestion does searches for difficulty. (Einfach mal sauber lesen!)


Sorting them and then look at the first caches is a great way to find your difficulty 5 caches. And jump to difficulty 4.5 is a great way to find all caches of those kind.

Your suggestion works well, mine works, too - it may not be as efficient but it works. And therefore it is an alternative suggestion. Hans, what is your problem?




(Edit: And again, HHL deleted one of his posts after he posted something offensive. So if anyone wonders where the quote comes from - it is a post HHL posted before. I just wanted to help by giving an alternative solution which in fact I used quite often - I still do not know what HHLs problems are with this suggestion. But the next post by him tell's everything - I hope for his best that he deletes that, too. I am not going to quote this.)

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addition after HHL deleted his post
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On 9.8.2020 at 14:54, EbBi63 said:

Wie finde ich in meiner eigenen Statistik nachträglich den Cache mit der "Kontrolle 4,5" oder "Gelände 5". 1000 Caches gehören ich nicht durchklicken.

Ja, das ist sehr gut. Die englischen Seiten sind schlecht wegen der Übersetzungen. Das passt überhaupt nicht.

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