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Geocaching Challenge Event in Nashville,TN


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This is an opportunity for you to voice your option and let me know if you would attend and participate in a event like this, timed events, awards ect. and how far you would be willing to drive to get to Nashville , lets say on a sat or sun. This is in the very early planning stages. There will be more detail at the meeting on Sun the 23rd at Warner Parks. If you would please post your answers here because most of you will not be at the meeting. (I hope I am wrong and you will be there)

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This sort of thing sounds like fun... at least fun enough to try it once. Problem is, weekends are generally out for me, and Nashville as at the very limit of my desirable driving area.


Meaning, on the right day, I'd drive to Nashville to see what this was all about. As it is, I probably can't.



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would love to, and i know of an entire group of people who would be up for that as well...


just not sure how well weekends work for everyone, but given anough notice, i'm sure something could be worked out -


keep us posted on here, or on the geocky boards!



the white diamond pirates

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