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  1. As my summer fun on the new jet ski has taken over my desire to geocache, I was thinking today about how nice it would be to have a list of the Hydrocaches in my area. Unfortunately I dont know of any offhand, but will keep an eye out. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  2. A similar situation has happened around here: Bay Point Loop quote:January 5 by jombbl (84 found)We found the cache this afternoon, but it was removed by a Harrison Bay State Park Ranger at 4pm today. The Ranger approached us on the trail on our way to the cache and asked if we were using the GPS's just for fun or if we were looking for something in particular. Chip admitted to looking for something, and the Ranger asked if we were looking for the geocache. Kinda hard to lie about that with geocaching.com and the logo on the backpack! On the way to the cache the Ranger explained that the Tennessee State Park folks recently learned about the geocaching activity in an in-service session. We explained geocaching to the Ranger, and showed him the printed cache page. We explained that geocachers as park visitors and hikers are probably some of the most responsible and desirable visitors a park system could ask for. But in the absence of experience and knowledge, the park system folks must revert to established rules and regulations. And because they do not know enough about the activity and how to handle it yet, all caches are currently considered abandoned property and are subject to immediate removal. We had a good visit and conversation with Rangers Matt and Todd. As fellow outdoor enthusiasts they understand the attraction of the geocaching hunt, and the responsible approach to the environment of most geocachers. The State Park system management will probably take a very conservative view to any geocaching activity in the forseeable future. We signed the log, and took the Little Debbie keyring and the footsie soak & anti-stress lotion. Alas, the cache box went to the Park Rangers office, and the status is currently unknown, but the Bay Point Loop cache is probably history for now. Chip & Blair jombbl @ geocaching Post Script, 06 January 2003... Great news about the return of the cache, eclose! We will have to visit again to leave goodies for future Bay Point Loop cachers! Then a couple of days later, I went with the Ranger, a life-long friend and we found the cache ourselves: quote:January 12 by BayRanger (2 found)Well that was my 1st cache... I was with the 2 previous people that logged their visits: jharvey400 & choachy. It's kind of ironic that this cache is also what got me interested in this activity. I was one of the park rangers that confiscated this cache at the first of January(hey just doing our job until we passed it on to our bosses). Ranger Matt was the one who actually came upon the two friendly (socially and environmentally) geocachers at the end of his shift. I came onto my shift right when they found it, so I didn't actually know where it was placed. We enjoyed finding it, although it was around mid-20 degrees outside (without the wind) and wet from pulling the cache out of the lake where it was hidden... not to mention crossing the pit of fire and armwrestling the Blair Witch to gain access to the Whopper Lair. I took the crocheted bookmark and the U.S.C.G. neck keychain. I left a laminated pocket copy of vehicle identification number (VIN) decoding for year-models of vehicles. Looking forward to more caches, maybe even leaving my own cache some day... 'course I would get permission 1st (eclose). Haha. I am now jumping on the cache-in, trash-out cliche' bandwagon. Hope everyone else does the same. Todd (BayRanger) My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  3. eTrex legend. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  4. Why yes...its on the ABOUT GEOCACHING page: As of today, there are 61258 active caches in 177 countries. In the last 7 days, there have been 37341 new logs written by 8903 account holders. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  5. Question about the Excel requirements: I have access to Excel 2002 but was wondering: Will the the Excel Viewer software support CacheMaps? Have you tested CacheMaps with Open Office? http://www.openoffice.org/ Open Office supports spreadsheets and reads Excel files. Its also a free download. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  6. I feel bad for us taking over the tick post. Its not that our dog is not trained. He has been to 2 obediance classes(multiple sessions). He actually won best in class at the last one. Its just that he is very very hyper when he walks. The smells drive him crazy. He listens to us very well all other times. Sits, lays, takes treats very well when we ask him. He doesnt tear up the house or anything, and is great inside, as he is an indoor dog. He is especially good in public. When he goes to the vet, or to other public places, he is nearly perfect, but when we walk him, he is a tugging machine. Ive read some short books, and guides, on training him to walk nicely but since Im not around him 24/7 yet, its hard for me to try these techniques. That website looks to be helpful. Im going to check it out more. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  7. I dont see a problem with it at all. If you think about it, everything is commercial in some form or another. There are few exceptions ,such as military memorabilia. Everything was manufactured by someone and has their name or logo on it somewhere. Some of these items that you have may be just as great to find as something you go buy at the dollar store. Maybe even better. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  8. The ticks are thriving here in the Tennessee as well. Luckily none of us have found any on us, but our friend's new puppy had 14(and counting) on it. As for your 120+ lb lab being too wild, I feel your pain! The one pictured in my icon is my fiance's as well. He weighed 98 lbs at last vet appt, and is way way way too hyper to go hiking with us. He was never taught to walk on a leash very well. He pulls like an Alaskan sled dog. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  9. HAHA! That ugly dog is actually hers! Yes, it was made very clear to me that she comes as a package deal. Its either both of them, or neither! So yes, Im inheriting a 99 pound yellow lab. But he is awesome, so I dont mind. Im going to post some pics of what the cache looked like tomorrow, and if you're all lucky, a picture of myself and my beautiful fiance. Well you can at least cover me up. Oh, and Brian, thats a good idea about the Honeymoon tickets in another cache!! My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  10. Ive posted the cache page that I used as the 'fake'. Before I give the address, I want to thank and give credit to Carolina Moon(and the boys) for use of their page, and partial page content. Their cache which was what led me to this nice spot is here: The Enchanted Forest of Bartlegaugh. Ive posted the page I used here: Enchanted Forest cache page. As I mentioned earlier, I planted hints all throughout the page, but were probably so vague she would have never noticed. I even read the description to her on the trail as we were walking. The only real give away would have been the Additional Hint being decrypted. The link to decrypt the Hint does work on my page. The little hints and changes: After changing the coords to the spot where I planted the cache, I changed the cache ID to her future initials and birth year The name(cache owner) Tiridan Palm is an old joke that she didnt catch on to Vague but section about heart, imagination, and dreams Vague again, but the section about 2 paths crossing to become one, and happiness And definitely the Encrypted Hint. And lastly, the difficulty...this was definitely worth 4 stars. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  11. Yes, Im at work now and had intended to post the cache page I made. I'd be glad to let everyone see it. Huntlady, sure you can! I'd be honored for you include this story on your page. AmericanSpririt...wow! What an engineering marvel, only to have it fizzle out like that. I too was very paranoid about the ring, so I just kept it in my pocket. I'll get the cache page posted asap. It was my original intention to leave the cache, and try to make it an official geocache affiliated one, but there is already a cache very close by which I enjoyed so much a while back, and introduced me to this beautiful spot. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  12. I mentioned my plan several months ago here, but yesterday was the day! -------- I put Operation Ball N' Chain into action yesterday. Here's how it went down. We're not hardcore geocachers by any means, but when we get time to get out, we thoroughly enjoy it. Well I thought, what a nice way to propose. I got with some friends, and encouraged them to bring up the fact that we should go hiking Monday morning(yesterday). My (now)fiance is all into the idea and excited, so I tell her I'll take the day off. I wake up Monday morning, get an ammo box from a friend, and begin filling it. I fill the bottom with a dozen worth of rose petals, then I place 2 beanie babies in the bottom that look like little bride and grooms, wearing their dress and tux. Then I place one last rose in their laps, and put a wedding picture frame in with them, and a picture of us along with a card, that I wrote a nice message in. I left early yesterday morning, headed out to a nice spot on the trail that overlooks the water, took my GPS, and planted the cache. I recorded the coordinates to the 'fake location'. Also the night before I saved, edited, and printed out a fake page that was identical to those that I printed out to go along with the surprise. I told her we would do 2 or 3 caches that day. I planted hints all over the page, but she never caught any of them. If she had decrypted the clue, it would have given it all away, but I took that risk, and she didnt. So I go to at about 11 am to pick her up. By the time I get there, Ive already had the friends who were going with us call and cancel. So its just us. We head out there. We're following the gps as it leads us out there. We get to the spot and I say its right in this area, but she is determined that its on the opposite side! Using some quick thinking, I encourage her to come to where I am, and look, and she finally finds it! She had asked me earlier why my backpack was so full. I told her it was because I had my raincoat in there. She didnt fully buy it. As she grabbed the cache, I opened my pack, and layed out a blanket on the ground. Which we later found to be on an ant hill. DOH! She sits down, opens the cache, and smiles, and says "I think you had something to do with this". She pulls the items out one by one, reads the card, looks at the picture and frame. Then I look at her, and say "You should probably stand up now". Then as I began to tear up I pulled the ring out of my pocket kneeling on the sharp rock in my knee, and I dont even remember what I said, but it was short and to the point. Thats what the card was for! And she said YES! We stayed there for a little while, then headed back to the car. I had one more surprise for her. We went to see her family, and my family. Then I told her that we were going to dinner, and I wouldnt tell her where. We change clothes, and leave, and when we get there, I tell her to cover her eyes. What she couldnt understand is why I let her see the place, then cover her eyes. I'll explain that in a second. We arrive at a place called Tony's Pasta Shop that is in a museum district overlooking a bluff view of the river. We've been there before, and its a small quaint place, and very yummy! When we arrived, the hostess leads us upstairs to the dining room, and sitting at a long table are 9 of our closest friends that I arranged to join us. Thats why I had her close her eyes, so she wouldnt see their cars, . It made me so happy to have them all there for dinner and to enjoy that day with us. The restaurant doesnt stock champagne(only wine) so I had some taken there earlier in the day and chilled until dinner, when they brought it out for a nice toast. And of course I wanted to foot the bill for everyone, and to my surprise it wasnt too bad for 11 people, champagne, and desserts! It was well worth it to have all of our friends with us. Needless to say, Im a happy man! My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  13. I have to admit that the membership benefits are a bit lacking, but consider it more of a donation in support of this great site, which makes everything well worth it. And the pocket queries combined with Watcher may be the nicest feature. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  14. Yeah, I was pretty much just passing through, saw the t-shirt and kept going. Carpenter, t-shirt model...same difference. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  15. As I was flipping through the channels just now, I happened to catch a David Letterman bit, where a guy who I think was playing a carpenter(?) was wearing the white short sleeve 'Cache in Trash out' t-shirt. Nice little advertisement there. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  16. I just caught the tail end of his interview on CNN yesterday... But when you say no blood circulation, would that have made the arm numb, and allowed him to break the bone easier? I just know I would have had a hard time doing what he did. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  17. I still consider myself a new guy to this, but even I know not to listen to Mopar. You dont have to use the forum a lot to appreciate Geocaching. If someone copied your avatar, have a private conversation with them. If youre not happy, just walk away from the computer. Its that easy. Do you geocache for the forum? No. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  18. Im not gonna try to understand the confusion...but to post a poll, in the upper left of the forum area you see a button that says NEW with a little folder icon next to it. Click that, and it drops down a menu, where the options Topic, Poll, Private Topic, and Private Poll appear. You would select POLL. You would then get a new window. Now if youre using a web browser, or a program that blocks pop up windows you may have a problem, but I doubt yuou are since you posted this message. The window that appears will have Subject(a subject for your poll), Message(where you enter everything you want people to know about your poll), and Answers to your poll(where you can put the poll choices). Then you click Post Now. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited. [This message was edited by Choachy on April 04, 2003 at 07:57 AM.]
  19. I don't thin' i't reall'y mat'ters h'ow we typ'e, bu't mor'e of 'what we' t'ype. GP'S....G'P'S'R....bi'g de'al. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  20. I had a similar question, and there were some good replies on this thread. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  21. PHP nuke is a good thing. Makes for an easily implemented very useful site. I'd love to see a gallery on there with user submitted pictures. And if you dont have a gallery in mind, I would suggest PHP gallery. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  22. I would love to take my girlfriend's dog with us when we go if he werent deathly afraid of riding in a car. a 95 pound lab crying like a little baby, and panting like he is going to die after a 2 minute ride isnt much fun. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  23. Im of course partial to my own. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
  24. This is an article I stumbled across that some might find interesting if you havent seen it yet. Forbes article about GPS and the War Has some decent information yet, but nothing outstanding that a lot of people here dont already know. My time, your time is limited, but time itself is unlimited.
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