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[BUG] Personal Note Icon Remains in List View

South Lyon Trekkers

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This has been a longstanding issue. The root of it is that when you remove a note, it isn't actually removing it. I believe the fix is relatively simple, but it must not be a high priority.


Here are the two cases that can occur:

1. A listing that has never had a note - In this case, the note field is set to "null" (ie. absolutely nothing)

2. A listing that had a note, but then you clear it out - In this case, the note field is set to a zero-length string


It's a fine distinction, but in programming it's an important difference between "nothing" and "something, but with no content in it".


When something like the list page checks for a note, in case 2 there's technically a note (albeit with no characters in it), so it flags it as having a note. In order to fix this behaviour, the site would need to be modified to do one of the following:

1. Consider zero-length notes as empty, in addition to null values

2. When someone clears a note, set the value to "null"


It seems that they've made some changes to the logic on parts of the site, as you saw where the listing page isn't showing the badge anymore. They just need to carry that same behaviour over to the other places where the badge is shown (lists and map).

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I always assumed #2 was correct, since the site displays placeholder text when you clear a note. It already knows when there is no note. So apparently that 'knowledge' isn't being reflected in the Lists, which I'd classify as a minor bug.

Granted the placeholder text may be determined on the front end, but in any case, HQ knows there'd be a difference between null and 0-length, and two pages treat the piece of data differently. If not a bug, a definite inconsistency in expectation for humans seeing display of said data in various contexts.

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