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  1. This is still an issue. I sent an email to HQ a few months ago and received a reply some changes were made. It made minimal difference, if any. I sent another email a few weeks ago about it asking if the issue is with the website, my settings, or Safari. I never got a reply.
  2. I'd appreciate a link in the profile to the Adventure Labs (https://labs.geocaching.com/). Currently, one needs to go to View Profile, Geocaches, Labs under Geocaches owned.
  3. Same trouble here. No link in Chrome. Link appears in Safari, but clicking Outlook/iCal only brings up a list of events, like search results.
  4. I did't see this already posted. When I get an email about a cache on my Watchlist, and I want to delete the cache from the Watchlist, I click the "Remove this from my watchlist" link. When I get to the page the text and buttons that are usually there at the top, are no longer there. I have to manually find and click the cache to remove. I am using Safari and have been having issues with the website for other things, mostly mapping. I don't know if this is another issue associated with Safari or if it is an issue in GC's side of things.
  5. It's on my iMac and MBP. Running macOS 11.4 and Safari 14.1.1. It's been an issue for some time and I have upgraded Safari and the OS in that time. I don't typically use Safari on my iPhone or iPad for Geocaching. So I have not looked at or recall issues there. I've cleared my browser multiple times. I do so on a regular basis. I've run through settings, including pop ups and permissions. I am just out of ideas. I don't have issues on any other sites.
  6. I have posted before about issues with geocaching.com and the Safari web browser. I have not seen much posted in response to the issues with the browser. If I missed an answer to this, and I did search, please let me know. I don't know if this is a settings issues, a Safari issue, or a geocaching.com issue, but I and finding more and more that Geocaching.com does not work on the Safari web browser. While I can get to the site, most pages, especially map pages, render as a white page. I can no longer trust that geocaching.com will work on Safari. I have switched to Chrome, but I don't like having to use different browsers for different things and would like to understand what has happened to keep the site from working. If there is a simple fix on my end, please let me know. I am happy to work with TPTB if my help is useful.
  7. OK. Thank you. I will give it another shot.
  8. I like the Geocache of the Week and I like to look for caches that have been GotW. There does not seem to be a definitive list and I know it is rather long. GCHQ had one going but it has not been updated. I for one would appreciate it GCHQ would update its list and add the new ones to it.
  9. I am still having this issue. Right now it is almost all the time. So it is getting worse.
  10. I too am having this issue. Sometimes I can refresh the page, but it will often take multiple attempts. I have upgraded to Big Sur and all. Very frustrating.
  11. Yikes! Still an issue. Having the problem on the latest version of Safari.
  12. I'm using the latest version of Safari on Catalina. I've had this bug for a little while. When I click on a date on the Events calendar and then click on the event I get a map or partial map and can't do much else. I can get out of it by clicking another date on the map. Pics attached.
  13. When I make a Personal Note, a green circle with an envelope appears on the cache type icon. If I then add that cache to a List, it will also appear there. However, if I delete the Personal Note, then green circle envelope icon disappears on the cache page. It remains on the icon on the List. Everything has been refreshed.
  14. I would appreciate it if souvenirs were grouped in some way, maybe tabs. As well as the date earned being the same as the date of the cache log. Meaning, if I found a cache on June 15 and earned a souvenir in doing so, the date for the souvenir should be June 15, even if I log it on June 17.
  15. I've used GSAK for years and have used databases within. Being a Mac user, I have to switch things around to bring up GSAK. Also, GC.com has done quite a bit with Lists that it can almost satisfy my needs. Still a valuable tool, but it isn't being developed any more (last time I checked). Yes. Just take the current PQ and make a list from them. I guess what I'd really like is to see the same search criteria between the two. Add some more search criteria too.
  16. I am going to looking this more as I recently upgraded my very old phone.
  17. Please add county information/boundaries/label/whatever anyone wants to call it to cache information.
  18. Since the new Lists came out I have been using them more and thus find features I'd like to see. I've been keeping some notes and am finally getting around to posting them here. Sorry of these have been mentioned before, I put them all here since they all deal with Lists. I'd really like to see the Ignore List done away with and any list allowed to be toggled to ignore. There are caches I ignore for different reasons. One reason is seasonal. River caches near me are not typically accessible during the winter. Making a list and being able to toggle it to ignore gets them out of the way during the winter. I can then add them back in the summer. And back to ignore in the winter when I end up not getting to them. This may be a phone app issue. On some of my Lists I alter the title of the cache to order them or add a note. This does not appear on the phone app. Another phone app item related to Lists. The description added to caches on a list do not appear on the phone app. I'd like to be able to see it. I'm a list person in general. More than a 100 lists would be nice. Convert a PQ to a list. Search within a list by keyword. A toggle between downloading all caches in a list and unfound caches in a list. Allow to order a list by description.
  19. I like the Geocache of the Week and often will look for those caches when caching in an area. It seems like I have not even seen a post for Geocache of the Week in a long time and found that I was missing new ones being added, and maybe still am. Still going or not, the Lists people kept were often not up to date. Can an attribute be created to tag the Geocache of the Week caches?
  20. I guess I missed that. My phone is pretty old and doesn't have a GPS chip. Another reason to upgrade, I guess.
  21. Does anyone know, especially have used, the Geocaching app with a Garmin GLO 2? Does they work together?
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