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Features: Additional List Functionality

South Lyon Trekkers
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Since the new Lists came out I have been using them more and thus find features I'd like to see. I've been keeping some notes and am finally getting around to posting them here. Sorry of these have been mentioned before, I put them all here since they all deal with Lists.


I'd really like to see the Ignore List done away with and any list allowed to be toggled to ignore. There are caches I ignore for different reasons. One reason is seasonal. River caches near me are not typically accessible during the winter. Making a list and being able to toggle it to ignore gets them out of the way during the winter. I can then add them back in the summer. And back to ignore in the winter when I end up not getting to them.


This may be a phone app issue. On some of my Lists I alter the title of the cache to order them or add a note. This does not appear on the phone app.


Another phone app item related to Lists. The description added to caches on a list do not appear on the phone app. I'd like to be able to see it.


I'm a list person in general. More than a 100 lists would be nice.


Convert a PQ to a list.


Search within a list by keyword.


A toggle between downloading all caches in a list and unfound caches in a list.


Allow to order a list by description.

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Many of us do the things you describe (and many more) using GSAK on a PC.  In that format, they're not called 'lists', but instead, are individual databases that we set up of various caches for lots of different reasons.  Any database can be exported as a *.gpx file, and any geocaching phone app that can handle a *.gpx file will then be able to use them.  I use the Geooh Go phone app for that purpose.


I don't think there are any limits to the number of databases (lists) that you can create with GSAK.  You can slice and dice and search the databases any way you like.


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6 hours ago, South Lyon Trekkers said:

Convert a PQ to a list.

Do you mean capture a snapshot of the current results of a PQ in a list? The reason I ask is that I think when people think about a PQ being a list, they're thinking about the list always being updated to the current results of the query whenever they look at the list. That would use useful, but it's likely significantly harder that just taking a snapshot of a PQ.

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I've used GSAK for years and have used databases within. Being a Mac user, I have to switch things around to bring up GSAK. Also, GC.com has done quite a bit with Lists that it can almost satisfy my needs. Still a valuable tool, but it isn't being developed any more (last time I checked). 


Yes. Just take the current PQ and make a list from them. I guess what I'd really like is to see the same search criteria between the two. Add some more search criteria too.

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I was also just thinking of asking for this feature, because I just want to add challenge caches for which I do not fulfill the requirements but already logged offline to a separate list. These caches shouldn't appear in any PQ anymore, because I've already found it!

The (normal) ignore list I do mainly use for caches (i couldn't find and) with many DNF logs. Here also it would be very helpful to put these into a separate list where I also can watch all log activities including "maintenance logs"

Furthermore I could put caches of a specific user into a separate list (to ignore them). This would help me a lot because unfortunately in my area there two users flooding the local region with difficult mysteries which is very annoying!

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