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Owner messages from HQ no longer being received

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In mid March I stopped receiving messages from HQ about new logs on my caches and also those indicating when a PQ is available etc. I thought it must be Covid19 related but it appears that it is only happening to me. I receive emails on 3 different devices so I don't think the problem is at my end. I also get the emails about new caches published. Any advice for solving this?

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Thanks for suggestions. I had, of course, been checking my spam filter but hadn't thought of checking what my  provider was up to. Having done that I have found hundreds of geocaching.com emails blocked by them. I have tried whitelisting but they have rejected my attempts automatically. I plan to have words with them!


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Different side of the coin--I get all the emails I expect except the newsletter; I haven't received one since January.  Years ago I had this same issue caused by Comcast declaring the newsletters as spam, so they just blocked them.  Thanks to suggestions here in the forum, I started a gmail account specifically to solve the problem and that worked for years.  Now I wonder if gmail is doing the same thing.  Whitelisting in gmail requires a paid account, which I don't want to have to do, unless the cost is minimal.  (Anybody know what the cost is for a paid account in gmail?)  Especially when I don't even know if that would fix the issue.  Maybe go back to using the Comcast account and whitelist that?  

Edit after research:  Paid gmail is $5 per month.  Comcast doesn't offer a way to whitelist.  Neither option is satisfactory to me.

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