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52 minutes ago, ecanderson said:

Please explain how your line breaks were inserted to make them work.

You can see the mess I got here >> https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/Longmont

It hasn't gone 'live' yet (waiting for bonus cache to publish), so I still have time to clean it up!


DRATS!!! It looks right on the AL building page, but I was looking at the WRONG thing. When I use the link in a geocache, and look at it there, it's all smooshed together.

I'm so sorry. We were talking about two different page results. Now I do need to make corrections, as my list is now just one big smooshed paragraph. It looks terrible that way!
So sorry, ecanderson.

I agree with you: at the very least, line breaks would be helpful!



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Rats.  I had hoped you had discovered the magic decoder ring for line breaks.

Yes, things can look perfect on the builder page, but look like absolute crap on the actual listing page.

If anyone comes up with any ideas, I'm all ears.  I noted the earlier request for HTML line breaks <br> or whatever, and the response was that they didn't have a plan for HTML in the content yet, but that doesn't excuse the lack of regular CR/LF or whatever line breaks to at least provide some line/paragraph separation.


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