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logging from SWAG 17

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While attending The Mega Event SWAG17 I got talking to the caching couple at the next table who were doing the Lab Caches at the event.  They showed me the app and we together found the Lab for the restaurant we were at and made a note of the answer .


Back at where we were staying I tried to download the app but was unable to due to data limits on the internet.  Now that I am home I downloaded the app and tried to log the  Lab cache it won't let me, I can't find any way to do so.  Am I just out of luck or am I missing something?

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Welcome to adventure labs.  They are location-dependent, so you do have to be there to log it complete. Consider it kind of like signing the log. You can't take it home with you, you have to sign it there and replace it. (well, that's the intent)  Logging an Adventure Lab complete is like the physical act of signing the log.

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