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Release Notes (Website: Public Profile displays total Favorite points received) - February 10, 2020

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16 hours ago, barefootjeff said:


That's great that you're not bothered by your caches rarely getting FPs, but assuming your caches are good, well made and well looked after, it really just emphasises the point I was trying to make that a cacher's total FPs is a pretty meaningless statistic, particularly if taken in isolation which it is in the context of the public profile page.

All the statistics on the public profile page are pretty meaningless so it sounds like a great place to show total FP.

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On 2/12/2020 at 6:39 PM, barefootjeff said:


The point I was trying to make is that you can hide the greatest, most fantastic of caches but if it's in a place that gets few visitors it's never going to rack up many FPs. My D3/T4 Nemophilist Challenge published last October has had just two finds, both giving it FPs, and my latest D2/T3.5 multi published a few weeks ago has only had one find and received one FP. They're never going to compete on FP tallies with the MKHs placed in the tourist hotspots around Sydney harbour or even a good urban P&G cache around my area.

Very true.  I have a Pirate-themed cache that has received  100 Percent in Favorite Points-to-finds...but the cache itself has few finds due to its location/terrain rating.  Thus  this cache seems less "favorable" than another cache I placed,  one which is literally a pill bottle with a foam bat glued to it.  LoL   And seriously, I know too many caching friends who give Favorite Points to their friends or simply because of the age of a cache, and I personally think of FPs a form of "popularity contest" vote.

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On 2/19/2020 at 10:42 PM, HarborSpy said:

 I personally think of FPs a form of "popularity contest" vote.


I see that a lot in my area. Owners who host and attend a lot of events get a lot of FPs on their caches. 


Containers attached to toys always get FPs. It can be a lidless centrifuge tube with a moldy bit of soaked paper, but put that in a drilled out golf ball and expect it to get double-digit FPs. 



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